The Love Bug

The Love Bug

Herbie is a car - but no ordinary car. The story follows the Volkswagen Beetle with a mind of its own from the showroom to the race track, with various close escapes in between. Three further Herbie movies were to follow.

The movie concerns the adventures of Sentient Vehicle Herbie, a '63 lovable Volkswagen Beetle with a mind and heart of its own. Out of gratitude, Herbie enables the luckless good guy to win one race after another. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karen G (gb) wrote: All things come to an end (spoiler alert!), they gave it up to teach others how to count cards. Guess you can be backed off from only so many casinos before you need to find another way to make money.

Lacy A (it) wrote: Awesomly confusing!!! I didnt really get why we had to see her breasts throught the freakin movie...but the ending was good

Ron N (jp) wrote: I love a good western, and it's clear in this movie that Jeff Bridges is great as Wild Bill Hickock, but, like the great flawed man that was Wild Bill, director Walter Hill seems...over the hill directing this movie, a disjointed moody filled with flashbacks western that just doesn't take off. There are compelling moments certainly but they don't last, don't add to the whole experience.

JeanGuillaume T (es) wrote: Good French action movie. Remade later in the US with a pharaonic budget as "True Lies", staring A.Schwarzenneger. The original as just as good overall, just a little less spectacular..

Sherry L (au) wrote: I know, many people don't like this. I do, and I thought I might explain why and how a person (like me for example) actually can like both Jerry Lee Lewis AND this movie. Now...I don't really think they decided to make a comedy of this because they wanted to mock or insult "The Killer". I think the filmmakers wanted to portray him like quite a character because of that infamous marriage of his. Yeah, yeah, it was normal to marry underage girls in that state then, but how to do a movie about a 24-year old musician who married his 13-year old cousin without getting too much accusations for being pro underage marriages or simply failing to get the audience's sympathy or understanding for the maincharacter. If they would have chosen to portray Myra as a very mature little 13-year old girl, I think much more people would have gone beserk. And now, when they decided to portray Jerry Lee like a somewhat weird and childish character they of course got lots of critism for that as well. That's what you can call a dilemma, but I think the filmmakers did the best they could to make a movie about Jerry Lee, cause they certainly put focus on not only his personal life (which you cannot exclude when making a biopic, right?) but also on his music. It's lots of fiction like it's usually is in biopics, so if you really want to find out who Jerry Lee really was I recommend you to watch some documentaries or read some books instead, cause this is pure entertainment and that's it. Actually I had no hopes at all for this movie since I knew that Dennis Quaid play Jerry Lee, and I never thought that would work since I don't think there are many facial resemblances between those two. But honestly, I had no problem with that at all when watching Great Balls of Fire, and I think that Quaid did a good job after all. Another big plus for the great music and some really memorable performances (thank god they used The Killer's real voice instead of Quaid's in the songs!). Was fun to see a young Winona Ryder as The Killer's young spouse! Personally I had a really good time when watching it. But of course I'm just speaking for myself. I don't recommend diehard-Jerry Lee Lewis fans to watch this, cause I think they would take this movie as an insult. Still I've always been a Jerry Lee Lewis-fan myself, but yet I realise that not just anyone marries a 13-year old, no matter if it was legal, acceptable or very long time ago...

Rich B (es) wrote: Great, unpredictable story; strong performances all around by a very good cast. It's heartening that original, quality, compelling films like this can still get made in an era riddled with sequels and explosion films.

Leonard D (nl) wrote: The only people that this movie appeals to, are the ones who love having sexual fantasies about Pamela Anderson! This went down in history as one of the worst films of all time, and wow, does it show! I also learned that the story and plot ripped off the classic film Casablanca! How original! It's no wonder why this piss poor film bombed at the box office!

Andy S (br) wrote: Twice I nearly switched this off as it starts out as an immature American teen flick... So pleased I didn't as it turned out to be really good, supposedly based on true events make it all the more interesting. Gritty and real the hardship endured by two sisters with an alcoholic mother and various bad choice boyfriends is suffocating, driven to the verge of suicide the girls and a few select friends plot their escape.

Andy S (es) wrote: Clever and funny, great characters and brilliant animation. Felt like a Disney Classic as they used to be.Very entertaining and warm.

Karen H (gb) wrote: 2016-03-02 hubby dozed after 15 min post-dinner. I stuck it out.