The Love Section

The Love Section

Ali (LAWRENCE ADISA), is a struggling real estate agent and ladies man who has never desired to commit to anyone or anything. One night while out with his buddy Chris (OMAR MILLER), Ali meets and falls for Sandrine (DAVETTA SHERWOOD), a single mother who works hard and is looking for love. Ali’s best friend Joel (BRIAN HOOKS) and his wife (TANGI MILLER) are happy to see Ali cut off his line of women, while Sandrine’s best friend Steph (TEYANA TAYLOR) is unenthusiastic about Sandrine welcoming a man into her home to meet her son and mother (KELLITA SMITH). With a declining real estate career and issues with his new relationship, Ali starts questioning just how committed he’s willing to be. One important meeting with real estate mogul James Johnson (MEKHI PHIFER) could change his life for forever. For the first time it looks like Ali may make a transformation if he can steer clear of obstacles. In the end will love conquer all? Or will broken hearts be all that’s left of their romance?

Ali (Lawrence Adisa), is a struggling real estate agent and ladies man who has never desired to commit to anyone or anything. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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KT N (es) wrote: cool to see the inside of this production :)

Justin B (fr) wrote: Hit or miss madtv style sketches compiled into a plot-less, overly vulgar and very immature comedy. If that sounds good to you, by all means watch it. I somehow enjoyed it.

Yusan (us) wrote: Amazing movie i loved it ^^

Mary G (us) wrote: No commons... This movie talks by itself!!! Thank all the Native Tribes, for keeping alive the Medicine Wheel!!!

Richard S (ag) wrote: The movie I didn't know I needed. Finding charm in the grotesque. Brilliant dialogue and exceptional performances.

Andrea A (es) wrote: Crazy western hippie stuff.

John R (ca) wrote: 131215: This movie is fast paced, almost hurried. It's like they were trying to fit as much into the hour and a half as possible. Some great characters including Velvet Clark, Mike Ryan and Sheriff Jones. Theres some pretty strong violence, especially in Clark's case. He's a dark character that doesn't shirk at killing people. Enjoyed Joel McCrea's acting as well as his distinctive and memorable voice. A couple of scenes don't really make sense, for example, when the stage driver (Slim Pickins) gets drunk after being robbed? Otherwise, this is a good, classy black and white western. Much enjoyed.

Maark T (nl) wrote: It has a couple of moments but not enough to make it a good movie. The best parts are when it isn't trying to be funny.

House M (ca) wrote: With a very low budget story, this film remeinds us that its not the money poured into the project but the plot that make a good movie. Twisted, bloody, funny, psychological thriller that really went set a new standard for psychological dramas. A real gem in its category. A definite must see.

Johnny H (it) wrote: Turned on my tv, checked the guide and saw this movie on HBO. I thought it was a comedy drama but boy was I wrong. The serious and dark tone of the movie was the giveaway but I shacked up and watched it anyway. The subject matter hooked me, "alcoholism". Seeing the protagonist struggle to come to terms with her disease tugged on my heart strings. Though film was clich (C)d in some ways the message stayed with me. Seek help for your addiction.

Tracy S (ag) wrote: Great dancing scene with Gene Kelly and Jerry Mouse!