The Love Winner

The Love Winner

In seven days, a young man must learn how to fight from a master, because, for the girl he is in love with, he have to challenge the current grand title owner, whose father is rivaling the smuggling business of the young man's father.

Martial arts enthusiast Hang Wen (Ambrose Hsu) hails from a wealthy Taiwanese family, an asset that immediately attracts teacher Yue Shan (Kristy Yang) who decides to pursue him. The cool ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nilufer R (kr) wrote: Waste of time. I was fooled by the actors, yeah now I'm a fan of Justin Timberlake "the actor" but this movie was totally a failure, even though it has the mighty Jeff Bridges. The story is simple, nothing much going on throughout the movie.

Anokhi M (kr) wrote: Didn't know what this was about till Jeev rented was touching and tells the horrible things that have happened to Afgan woman

Na D (fr) wrote: Kevin Spacey has such a great voice and he is simply brilliant in this movie!

Shane P (jp) wrote: It was one star right up until that basket escape scene!

Calvin R (ca) wrote: Kung Fu Panda is the start of a great franchise. Its hilarious, great animation, great story, great action sequence, and very entertaining.

Jessica F (ca) wrote: Confused and dull. While there is no great fault in the performances of the actors. The vagueness of setting and lack of focus makes this slow retelling of the 18th Century tale of Japan's 47 Ronin seem almost insulting to the original legend. The action is alright but nothing special, much like the film as a whole. Nothing special