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Johnathon W (nl) wrote: Superb sequel that actually improves on the original by giving Ip Man some formidable opponents to fight. Donnie Yen continues his excellent performance, once again portraying Ip Man as a proud family man while displaying some brilliant Wing Chun martial arts. He gets great support from the rest of the cast, particularly Sammo Hung as a rival instructor (the two have a brilliant fight atop an unstable table). Behind the camera, Wilson Yip & Yip Wai-Shun craft an exciting story, this time set in British controlled Hong Kong, while finally giving Ip Man some real opponents in both Hung & the British boxer Taylor "The Twister" (two-dimensional but with a scary physique). Overall, one of the best martial arts films in recent years and one of Donnie Yen's best to date.

Joseph P (au) wrote: Movie of the century

Ross V (nl) wrote: I'm not sure what I was supposed to get out of this whole thing, but I do feel Amy Adams did her job.

Noah Abraham G (ru) wrote: "Two Brothers" is sweet, sappy and sentimental. Kids will love it, and parents will like it. It's beautifully shot and well-acted, and a decent family film.

Stacey O (br) wrote: One of my all time favourite movies

Rob D (us) wrote: no way am i gonna see this!!!!

Harry W (ca) wrote: Said to have one of the best car chase scenes in film history, Bullitt is not a film that I would walk away from. Like I predicted, Bullitt is a slow and long film. For the first hour there is no car chases and little action, relying more on the tension of the story to build as the gritty elements gradually seep their way in. It is the kind of film I would compare to the original Gone in 60 Seconds from 1974 which had some good extended car chases but for the rest of the film was very insufficient. Unlike Gone in 60 Seconds, Bullitt fills the remainder of the film with some gritty story elements and good acting.Bullitt doesn(TM)t have as much action as you might hope because while it boasts an awesome car chase scene, the film is more of a crime thriller than an action film which some people may confuse. I know that I did the first time I watched it, so the second time around I was more prepared for what was to come. The less tolerant audiences who want to jump straight into the action aren(TM)t likely to be able to handle the film for what it is, but people with an appreciation for classic crime thrillers and Steve McQueen movies should have no problem enjoying Bullitt.While admittedly I found that Bullitt was fairly slow by today(TM)s standards and that for the first half of the film it was essentially dominated single handily by talking. I mean the acting was fine and the dialogue was strong, but for a long time there is little action and the atmosphere really doesn(TM)t develop into the gritty thrilling feel that it hits when it reaches the level of tension that it takes time to develop for. If viewers are patient enough and wait for things to happen, many will be pleased with Bullitt. But even I was thrown off by a slow first hour and the fact that it took a long time to get the thrills kicked into gear.Once people start dying and Steve McQueen starts driving, Bullitt becomes the spectacle that it has been praised for.Bullitt maintains a rather slow pace throughout, but it keeps things tense through its atmosphere which allows the chills to unfold at a gentle pace. And although the story isn(TM)t too special it develops from there and draws the characters into the world of guns and car chases more and more. There is some good action moments in Bullitt which are well filmed and tense without ever going over the top into unrealistic nature. All the action scenes are perfectly tense and filmed with stable and well distanced cinematography. The crime thriller elements in Bullitt draw a major benefit from the brief yet effective action moments and the fact that they happen realistically without the enhancement of a musical score, and it makes the experience more entertaining for its realistic nature.Bullitt is unforgettable for its awesome car chase scene. Coming from a time when car chases were gradually becoming cool thanks to awesome chase scenes from movies such as The French Connection and Gone in 60 Seconds, Bullitt comes before all of them. Its chase scene is deemed one of the best in history if not the greatest of all time, and it is honestly not surprising why because in an age when car chase scenes in movies are largely dominated by shaky camerawork and excessively quick editing, Bullitt has an unforgettable chase which goes on for a fairly good period of time and is held together by strong and stable cinematography with plenty of long shots and minimal editing. The entire scene is intense and awesome, and it single handily makes Bullitt worth the viewing.And benefiting from all of the awesome technical elements of the film, Bullitt is made even better by the fact that the cast never gives up when working with the material.Steve McQueen is perfect for the lead role in Bullitt. Because of his natural heroic nature and his ability to work with gritty material easily, Bullitt works as an awesome vehicle for him because it capitalises on his ability to play a man without fear as he gets involved with the resulting effects of the crime world. His rough and edgy line delivery keeps the movement of the film tense, as does the stare in his eyes which is constantly maintained the whole time through thick and thin. There is never a moment where Steve McQueen is weak in Bullitt because he plays his heroic persona to the maximum effect the entire time, and the result is very entertaining.Jacqueline Bisset who was one of the most notable sex symbols of the 1970(TM)s began to make a name for herself in the late 1960(TM)s, and in Bullitt it is easy to see how she earned it because her attractiveness and easy ability to create a strong romantic chemistry with Steve McQueen is a major benefit to the film. It is good to see where her career was starting because it gives a sense of nostalgia to the film and reminds us who were the big people of the time. She probes to be a good addition to the cast of Bullitt.Robert Vaughn manages to deliver an effective supporting performance as well with strong interactions with Steve McQueen when they share the screen, and the brief appearance of Robert Duvall is also a nice touch. The entire cast of Bullitt keep the rough nature of the story in tact and make it thoroughly convincing. So although Bullitt doesn(TM)t have as much action as one might hope and is a somewhat slow crime thriller particularly in its first hour, it has a dedicated cast led by an awesome Steve McQueen and some realistic well crafted action scenes all underneath an unforgettable car chase sequence which boasts a beautiful green 1968 ford mustang and set the bar for car chase scenes in later movies.

Sonoma H (us) wrote: This movie was fantastic. Phillip Seymour Hoffman was brilliant and deserved more acclaim and Robert De Niro was the perfect foil Where else can you get two great actors in almost every scene and doing the brilliant work we know they can. I cannot imagine why Rotten Tomatoes voters gave it such a low rating. I watch films constantly and this one was riveting and brilliant from the first scene...

Jo Ann S (es) wrote: Great story idea but off a little in its timing to the climax of the story.

Luciano G (gb) wrote: A film for moviegoers who dig impeccably directed pieces employing a gradual increasing of thrills by the minute..... surprisingly good independent cinema...!