The Lover

The Lover

A poor French teenage girl engages in an illicit affair with a wealthy Chinese heir in 1920s Saigon. For the first time in her young life she has control, and she wields it deftly over her besotted lover throughout a series of clandestine meetings and torrid encounters.

It is French Colonial Vietnam in 1929. A young French girl from a family that is having some monetary difficulties is returning to boarding school. She is alone on public transportation when she catches the eye of a wealthy Chinese businessman. He offers her a ride into town in the back of his chauffeured sedan, and sparks fly. Can the torrid affair that ensues between them overcome the class restrictions and social mores of that time? Based on the semi-autobiographical novel by Marguerite Duras. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dovglas P (br) wrote: insufrible... lo cortamos despus del primera (e insoportable) captulo

Ben D (br) wrote: After finding this movie on complete accident through IMDB's "People who liked this also liked..." thing, I figured I'd give this film a shot. I thought it looked decent, nothing amazing, so I didn't go in with amazingly high expectations or anything. I'm sad to say the film couldn't live up to my rather low expectations. All I really wanted from this movie was for it to present with me a teenage boy who I could sympathize with. I didn't even really need a strong, relatable character. Just someone I could feel for. I didn't get that. The main character, and everyone else for that matter, was so bland and emotionless. He looked like he didn't want to be on set. It made it kind of difficult to really care about what was happening. In the end, the movie just turned out rather boring, unfortunately.

Clifford L (us) wrote: A good movie doesn't always need high budget.

Paula H (ag) wrote: This film about Rwanda and the scars of the Revolution and masacres is too slowly paced for me. It feels as if it were made 25 years ago, rather than a new release, but I perhaps this was the director's objective.

Alex F (ag) wrote: Un retrato inusual sobre el Japn moderno y su situacin social. Kiyoshi Kurosawa, ms conocido por sus pelculas de terror psicolgico (Kairo?, la cual Hollywood ya ha convertido en una no muy exitosa franquicia en Pulse), se aventura a ofrecer la otra cara del Japn como la economa ms poderosa; del Tokyo como metrpoli luminosa y tecnologizada, con un melodrama familiar que habla del desempleo y la violencia intrafamiliar. En muchos momentos, el filme recuerda al cine de Ozu, especialmente, en su econmico estilo visual, en donde Kurosawa apuesta por una cmara ms esttica, de escasos movimientos. Esto nos adentra profundamente en la triste realidad de una familia de clase media, los Sasaki, justo cuando el pater familias, Ryuhei (Teruyuki Kagawa) es despedido de su trabajo por recorte de personal. Sin embargo, decide ocultarlo a su esposa Megumi (Kyoko Koisumi) y al resto de su familia, formada por dos hijos, Takashi (Yu Koyanagi) y Kenji (Kai Inowaki).

Jennie R (br) wrote: Zombies & Humans are co existing together. The story revolves around a young woman who has been killed by her boyfriend and is now trying to deal with being a Zombie. She decides to join a support group. I really enjoyed this film. I laughed and actually felt some sympathy for those sad Zombies eating Dunkin' Donuts to feel human. About 3/4 of the way through the movie, it gets a bit confusing. It had this extra vein to the story which made it difficult to follow but WOW the gore & lots of it. Zombie Fans: this is a must see!

Dylan G (ca) wrote: A modern horror masterpiece! A+

jon m (ag) wrote: My favorite bond film!

Jerrod H (br) wrote: Chelsea and I watched this last night. Definitely worth a watch.

Oscar T (au) wrote: Un cmulo de ideas desaprovechadas.

Vitaliy S (fr) wrote: Haven't watched a few years this pretty good story... Reminiscing the following scenes after each significant moment, but sill... In my life it is 10th year anniversary since the day I've watched this story first time... And I still thinking, there something were concealed, I mean for a full understanding something missing...

Sophette H (es) wrote: My sister is an extra!! :D