The Lower Depths

The Lower Depths

In a run-down Edo tenement, an elderly man (Rokubei) and his bitter wife (Osugi) rent out rooms and beds to the poor. The tenants are gamblers, prostitutes, petty thieves and drunk layabouts, all struggling to survive.

In a Japanese slum, various residents play out their lives, dreaming of better things or settling for their lot. Among them is a man who pines for a young woman but is stymied by her deceptive family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Blake D (ag) wrote: to me its one of the best out of the series, it doesn't have things that the other ones in the series had that i didn't like and its not full with nothing but sex!. maybe im just a sucker for movies that isn't perfect? who knows

Aaron C (br) wrote: Lovely Vietnamese cinematography, particularly around the Halong Bay area. Deneuve shines as the daughter of a rubber plantation tycoon with an adopted daughter. A well-painted picture of colonialism, precious land, and the hard costs to its native inhabitants.

Finn F (ag) wrote: Seen it but it was such a long time ago I just remember I enjoyed it very much and now I do realize I'll just have to see it again, together with some other films of Medem

Slappy M (gb) wrote: Getting better and better. Was sad to see 2 of the regulars not in this episode.

Alex C (mx) wrote: wild child at his best, dated classic

Carol H (nl) wrote: A very bizarre and silly movie musical.

Alex V (ru) wrote: The beginning of the gold digger? On that note its blatantly clear why men, kings and presidents threw it all away to have a little bit of Marilyn.

Paul D (de) wrote: Enjoyable Astaire vehicle with a brilliant scene where he dances on all four walls, ceiling and floor of a room in the same uncut shot.

Huw G (ca) wrote: Lots of nonsense, some laughs, but too few.