The Maddening

The Maddening

In this psycho-thriller, a little girl and her mother find themselves the focus of a crazed couple's delusions. The horror begins after Cassie has a fight with her husband David and takes off in the car with their young daughter Samantha. Cassie takes a wrong turn and ends up in the home of the evil Mr. and Mrs. Because Cassie and Samantha closely resemble relatives the couple recently lost, the duo hold the frightened mother and daughter captive in their home. Soon the two victims find themselves psychologically and physically abused, particularly Cassie who is threatened with torture and rape. Will David find them before the Scudders kill them both?

Burt Reynolds finally goes completely insane in this psycho-horror flick about a deranged father who'll stop at nothing to protect his family's secrets. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Maddening torrent reviews

Asterion O (it) wrote: I just watched this movie for the second time and I liked it even better. It's quirky, unusual and oddly fun.

Paula R (nl) wrote: en kyll kattois uudestaan.

MissCatastrophie (fr) wrote: A great movie for 'the who' fans. Amazing story.

Dorian W (ag) wrote: Slept on by alot of folks. But it's a cool love story.

Adam R (ca) wrote: (First and only viewing - 1/6/2011)

Lewis D (ru) wrote: Followed it from its release. A totally underated movie. Awesome! Funny, touching, and best of all, filmed in ma toon of Edinburgh! BUY IT and fall in love.

Zack B (it) wrote: The cinematography was WOW. Classic film noir. Yvonne De Carlo is a fox.

Ben H (nl) wrote: Either go with the moral message or don't, but this film is so earnest, and Stockwell is so endearing (with punk-rock hair), and the message about it being ok to be an outsider so relevant to Hollywood, with Losey effected by the blacklist. Subjectively I love this film.

Yuping L (fr) wrote: anti-fairytale?? why can't i appreciate or comprehend the french films before the new wave??

Matthew Y (de) wrote: I liked it. Given the heavy topic, it was a surprisingly light watch and some real star power from Hilary Swank as ALS sufferer.