The Madmen of Mandoras

The Madmen of Mandoras

A group of Nazi survivors save Hitler's brain keeping it alive in a huge jar hooked up to a machine. The Nazis plan to release a deadly gas destroying all life on the planet. To ensure their success they kidnap Professor Coleman the only man on the planet with the antidote to the poison gas.

Hitler's Brain is saved by Nazi madmen, and is giving orders on a small tropical island! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cameron M (us) wrote: Flu is with out a doubt a terrifying (though done before) premise but with a chemistry-less couple, manipulative child inclusion and events reminiscent of the Holocaust, Flu doesn't have the smarts to make the impact it thinks it's making.

Mixael X (it) wrote: The true horror is that somebody actually made this happen.

Thomas M (br) wrote: This one got away from the more philosophical overtones of the previous Ghost in the Shell films and took a more action oriented path. Still an enjoyable movie though.

Jared L (jp) wrote: "Welcome to Thunderdome, Bitch."

Benjamin W (nl) wrote: This movie does what Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas only attempts. A look into the beauty and horrors of the hallucinogenic drug culture from the eyes of the beholder.

Alec B (gb) wrote: As great as the central concept is, the execution is a lot messier than many would care to admit (for a film that's well under two hours, it feels a lot longer). Still, Roddy Piper is surprisingly great and I enjoy seeing Carpenter get overtly political and philosophical in what could have a been a a straightforward genre piece.

Scott R (kr) wrote: I almost did not see this, but I am a huge fan of the director and of Mason, and to have Mirren was an interesting twist. The potential was squandered in the simplistic unbelievable characters and Mason's eventually giving into his muse. Regardless, it was interesting to see the remote beach culture of Australia, and Mason acts well.

Adam P (fr) wrote: Fellini's ability to combine an utter disgust for his sinful protagonist's actions with a compassion for the loneliness they leave behind is uncanny and complex, but his story doesn't follow suit. Weighed down by useless undeveloped sideplots and padding, what should be a honed character-study ends up being a simplistic morality play with too many tangents. Also noteworthy out of Fellini's films for its pessimism in regards to its main character's potential redemption--despite its apparent "humanism," it seems to lack any hope that we can save ourselves.

Bunny R (ca) wrote: Deep movie. But nice to see Ali in there :)

Will H (nl) wrote: A charming, old-Hollywood film. I didn't think there was anything so remarkable about it, but they don't really make them like this anymore.

Carlos G (ru) wrote: Has all the feels for the Sylvester Stallone cheesy action film and that can be sometimes good. Not at all special but the first of trio ain't all bad but not all good.