The Magic Hour

The Magic Hour


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Joetaeb D (gb) wrote: Clint Eastwood's Jersey Boys is an decent adaptation of the broadway play that could've been so much more than it was. While it's musical moments are enjoyable and it's lead quartet fill the shoes. It feels more like a boring behind the scenes biopic that we've seen many times before, not to mention loosing steam by the third act.

Cam D (au) wrote: The polar opposite of the Super Mario Bros. movie. A video game film that respects the source material, has simple but beautiful animation, charming voice over, wonderful music, and a well written story.

Stefan D (kr) wrote: Found the film abit slow and it never seems to get any real momentum goin, most of the deaths accur off screen although the killing of Kurt's mother at the start is pretty brutal! Great twist at the end of the movie but not good enough to make this a great slasher movie I'm afraid!

FranChester N (br) wrote: Great! Clair Dane's best performance in my book.

Kayla H (jp) wrote: great movies to watch when you were a kid

Carlos M (mx) wrote: This stressful musical of loud, hysterical songs feels much longer than it should be as it clearly believes that every character must have their own moment to sing and shine to the detriment of the movie's own focus, and its pedestrian sense of humor makes it even more irritating.

Cassandra D (br) wrote: one of my FAVORITES.

Alyssa T (fr) wrote: If you like cooking shows then this is great for you and if it's not after watching it you will start to watch cooking shows.