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Sgt C (br) wrote: (3%) There's three type of people as far as Postal the video game is concerned. There's those that make up the majority who had a quick, cheap snigger at it back when it was first released years ago, then they quickly moved on and forgot all about it, those that thought it was the best thing ever for about a week (mostly 14 year old boys with anger issues) and then there's Uwe Boll, a man that clearly thought "Wow, this would make a fantastic movie!". As expected the movie itself is awful, plain and simple, but not only that it's also horrendously mean-spirited to a point of minor worry. Boll shows a mixture of blind confidence, with a burning desire to create ill made attention through the most base and flagrant manner possible. Although the fact is that everything here is handled so clumsily and wrong footed that all the offensive elements, for which there are many, don't amount to anything besides a disapproving tut and a quick wonder how anyone so clearly lacking any genuine comedic talent ever managed to direct a movie intended to be funny. It's a crass, lousy stinker from the mind of a man void of any sort of moral compass.

Bradley H (ag) wrote: The federal government spent $12 million putting Tommy Chong in prison for selling water pipes. While this documentary is not masterfully done, it is worth noting for bringing attention to this particularly monstrous absurdity in the continuing carnival of absurdities that is the immoral and disgusting "War on Drugs".

Jos M (it) wrote: Al terminar de ver la pelcula me dieron ganas de leer la novela grfica , sospecho que es muy superior a la pelcula. Watchmen es una adaptacin muy pretenciosa , aunque posee excelentes momentos como el inicio de la pelcula muy cinematogrficos , una ambientacin lograda y una excelente banda sonora (excepto por Hallelujah).

Ian H (es) wrote: A very heart-moving, and heart-warming, story, with superb music, believable and identifiable characters,and wonderful performances by the actors.

Matt W (nl) wrote: This is very, very funny, but not intentionally. Fans of Pammy will enjoy it as she displays her ample bosom on more than one occasion. What I can't understand is why an actor of Stacy Keach's undoubted star quality keeps subscribing to turd like this.

Kenny N (nl) wrote: A very scary horror film, justifiably ranked with the best Stephen King film adaptations. One of the few commercially successful horror films directed by a woman (Mary Lambert, who previously served as the helmer of Madonna's earliest music videos) and a wonderful late-career performance by Fred Gwynne (TV's Herman Munster!)

Jason C (fr) wrote: Above average slasher with cinematography from the great John Alcott and a terrific final confrontation.

eu (us) wrote: One of the few Glauber's movie I've seen. I wasn't expecting much and it was such a surprise. The bw photography, the angles, the dialogues, the creativity of Galuber impressed me.

Trevor W (br) wrote: A bizarrely hypnotic, obviously French film that is really just a narrated slideshow.

Ryan C (gb) wrote: Let me start off by saying this isn't Gojira and I think it's a completely new movie. It adds an actor, edits out some scenes and puts total new ones in. It's just as great as Gojira though and it's just as much as a classic.

David T (ag) wrote: Pues es mejor de lo que parecia. En apenas 90 minutos se intercala una historia bien contada, bien interpretada (con la magica pareja y un puado de buenos secundarios), bien llevada (que no es poco) y con dosis de cine politico, suspense, drama y amor. Se ve con gusto, teniendo en cuenta que la historia es complicada de creer. Pero quitando eso, hasta me ha recordado en muchas escenas a Rebecca...