The Magic of Ordinary Days

The Magic of Ordinary Days

Pregnant out of wedlock, an educated young woman is pressured by her father into an arranged marriage with a lonely farmer in this drama set during WWII.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:120 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

During World War II, the father of an unwed mother (Keri Russell) marries her off to a farmer (Skeet Ulrich) who will raise her baby as his own. She does as well as she can to be polite and civil to her husband and his sister, but it is clear that she'd rather be dead than married to a man she doesn't even know. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicole W (br) wrote: It had some loose ends and was not very descriptive and heck was Rosa 15 years old!!!!!

YK G (fr) wrote: Fun and silly; weak third act.

Josh B (fr) wrote: Like him, or not . . . the guy played the game hard.

Christophe M (nl) wrote: Eh c'tait pas si mal, je m'attendais un truc fauch et d'ailleurs je l'ai cru au dbut, c'tait film comme un anniversaire et a sentait mort le budget limit. Mais aprs quelques minutes, la ralisation fait des efforts et mme si le petit budget se fait encore sentir, a bouge pas mal, de plus les maquillages et la musique sont trs russies, c'est respectueux du genre (a explique mme pourquoi certains zombies courent et d'autres pas). Certains personnages sont plus russis que d'autres, comme le prisonnier (ce gars devrait jouer Wolverine, srieux !!!!) et c'est toujours un plaisir de revoir Ken Foree, Klebe (Halloween 2007) s'en sort bien aussi. Ce n'est pas le meilleur film de zombie que j'ai vu, mais c'est pas le pire non plus, et le fait qu'il se passe en Serbie ajoute un charme, ah et j'oubliais le personnage du fanatique religieux c'tait pas mal aussi et, truc original, y'en a un qui est un vritable enfoir et qui s'en sort quand mme !!!

Cynthia S (de) wrote: I always enjoy a good biography, I guess...especially an historical one. Now this one wasn't the most exciting one, but it was interesting. I did learn alot about Winston Churchill that I never knew, so that's definitely a plus.

Maruf H (mx) wrote: Random and poorly-constructed, this early entry into the DC Animated Universe follows a sporadic origin story that culminates in a poor final boss battle. There's hardly any tension created between this team-up initially to make the characters any more enjoyable, and any time you let Green Lantern save the day, instead of Superman or Batman, you're making a big mistake.

Andy O (ca) wrote: Fairly enjoyable but is also completely forgettable. It felt like more of an extended tv drama than a film to be honest...

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Daniel D (fr) wrote: Surprisingly, I enjoyed this film. I thought the acting was terrible, especially from that fugly man-lady but I was interested in the story until the very end.

Marcey I (de) wrote: This had nothing to do with the other films except one character. Poorly written, it all doesn't make much sense. Over the top! It was unintentionally funny as well. At least Phillip Rhee puts on good fight scenes, he's build pretty solid too! He likes to show it off since he only wears muscle tops i the film.

Kyle M (ca) wrote: There are funny moments and creativeness on creating a chain of unordinary events on the night of babysitting. (B+)(Full review coming soon)

Eliot N (es) wrote: It's like they weren't even trying.The Grace Brothers gang doesn't work as well outside of the store, I'll grant them that. But it's really just a couple catchphrases thrown in with a tremendously weak plot.

Orlok W (de) wrote: Burn that bra, witchy-poo--Interesting failure from Romero!!

Walter M (us) wrote: In "Wild River," to curb deadly flooding along the Tennessee River and create jobs during the Great Depression, the Roosevelt Administration creates the Tennessee Valley Authority to build dams to control the flow of the river. By 1934, all but one landowner has sold their property, the exception being eighty-year old matriarch Ella Garth(Jo Van Fleet). Chuck Glover(Montgomery Clift) is the third man sent to persuade, not force, her, her family and sharecroppers to vacate before the island is flooded by the closing of the dam's gates. Directed by Elia Kazan, "Wild River" is a well-photographed, if obvious, movie that succeeds by capturing a time and a place without being consdescending towards the rural inhabitants, especially in its use of unadorned faces(Hey, isn't that Bruce Dern?), while also having meaning for the present day. As shown by the opening footage, a documentary approach would have definitely been the way to go. The underlying theme is progress and Glover sometimes forgets exactly where he is in helping not only the white people of the valley who dominate the social structure, but also the blacks who he attempts to hire at the same wages against the wishes of racist businessmen, bringing electricity to all, regardless. He also has to combat Ella and her plantation mentality. She is another force of nature that progress is meant to curb. Without any doubt this is Jo Van Fleet's movie and it suffers badly when she is offscreen which is often, ceding much of the story to a romantic subplot.

Aditya M (gb) wrote: Actually pretty good. This is an unusual romdramedy for the most part, but veers more towards convention as the film proceeds, which is a shame. However, nice dialogue, a strong hold on all the characters and a well-chosen cast keep you going throughout. Never boring.

Muffin M (kr) wrote: I own this on DVD and Blu-Ray.