The Magic Sword

The Magic Sword

The son of a sorceress, armed with weapons, armour and six magically summoned knights, goes on a quest to save a princess from a vengeful wizard.

The son of a sorceress, armed with weapons, armour and six magically summoned knights, embarks on a quest to save a princess from a vengeful wizard. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Glenda Marie A (it) wrote: The movie which made me cry buckets! It's heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time you'll see yourself laughing in between sobs. The tearjerker movie to beat!

Michael S (fr) wrote: Possibly my favorite PIXAR short, and that really is saying something. Brilliant.

JeanAntoine B (jp) wrote: A realistic moive and really touching. It shows the big lack of communication in a couple in a really special way

Jay A (ca) wrote: Solid as the series.

Mark M (ca) wrote: Saw this at the LDS film festival and loved it. I had some great action pieces for a movie made for under 2 million bucks. I was so surprised how fun this film ended up because usually a movie like this is either too corny and/or not funny. The Flyboys wasn't a cheese-fest and it was quite funny. I can't believe this hasn't been picked up yet for distribution, come on people.

Alexander C (gb) wrote: Average film, nothing new. Lacks orignality, not really worth wathcing unless you like run of the mill chick flicks.

John T (nl) wrote: A jazz saxophonist (Harvey Keitel) loses his capability to play when he is injured in a shooting at a cafe where he was playing. He sinks into depression when everyone charges in to take care of him, including his ex-wife (Gina Gershon). However, he discovers a stone with a telephone number attached. Returning the stone, he meets a young aspiring actress (Mira Sorvino) who in one of those film coincidences is listening to his music. Soon the two begin an affair which is fouled by his over-obsessiveness with her which costs them both a job at a restaurant. Willem Dafoe also appears as an anthropologist who is out to get the stone.

Cameron M (au) wrote: I don't care how one sided the views of the movie were, especially favoring the pioneers, its still a wonderful movie

STCENTERPRISE (ag) wrote: It has it's funny moments.

Tim H (kr) wrote: A man who inherits a Paris apartment is shocked to learn that it's current residents not only do not have to move, but he has to pay them a monthly stipend. This film kind of wanders around at times, wasting the talents of it's top notch cast. It's few surprises are not all that surprising, and the film is often more sad than funny.

thomas s (kr) wrote: I'm not a big sci fi fan, but this is a great film!

Kurt M (ru) wrote: It fails to deliver the emotional experience of the book and for some reason the director felt shaking the camera around the whole movie was a good idea... it was not a good idea. The story itself is interesting enough to get you past the movie's flaws though.

Anthony i (it) wrote: For a brief summary I would say that the movie had many components of a good horror movie, But the ending was tragically terrible. The Darkness had a very interesting idea, Summoning demons from ancient tribal rocks, its in my eyes brilliant. and the artwork was beautiful, as an artists in the genre I loved its grunge and raw attitude. From an artistic perspective I loved this movie, from a cinema perspective, it made some good progression within character development, there were flaws it was not amazing but it made more then films like "lights out" with ratings of 77%, The Darkness also had an original concept and some very unexpected scares that were well distributed throughout the movie. Most of my problems came with the ending. If we may put aside the last 20 minutes aside for right now, I felt the acting was good, it was not great but it was better for a horror movie especially. I felt Micheal the boy in the film, to do a really good job at being very unnerving. The story line was believable and seemed to flow naturally and did not seem as though it was predetermined. There was definitely an atmosphere that was created up until about 3/4ths the way through the movie when the CGI/ Animations began to distract me, the wall started looking very unreal with clear shadow hands reaching out of it, the literal image of the demons were no were near as scary as the ones I see after interpreting them artistically. This film took a turn from good to mediocre/not good, by introducing the demons in a literal sense, by having an actual costume of the demons, The major turning point for me was when he Hispanic exorcists came into the picture. The acting there was god awful and did not seem to be relevant, if the language would have been more prevalent within the story building up to its appearance in the film it would have made sense but it was just an odd and distracting addition to the film which took me out of immersion. Now the ending. the climax of this movie is awful, I hate to say it but it is, the "climactic" scene took way to long for what was happening, it was predictable, the CGI/Special effects were very poorly done, it looked super fake, it was distasteful and I am certain, the reason no one has given this film any praise for any of its positive aspects, which it does have. I would recommend the movie personally because i did like it leading up to the end, and I've found inspiration from its artwork. Personally if the demons would have stayed in a stylistic artistic portrayal, through Micheal, if it stayed real, if nothing unbelievable would have started happening, this movie would have been terrifying.