The Magical World of 'Ella Enchanted'

The Magical World of 'Ella Enchanted'


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The Magical World of 'Ella Enchanted' torrent reviews

Rich A (br) wrote: Poorly acted, the film is one long rambling incoherent mess.

Jon P (de) wrote: Takashi Miike distorts reality and male sexual anxiety in this sickening mystery flick; a must-see for fans of shocking cinema. During the first act, 'Gozu' seems stagnant, yet the film's atmosphere gradually grows eerier as the narrative approaches its mesmerising finale. This psychosexual horror offers enough suspense, shock-value and raw substance to leave a lasting scar upon the mind of any viewer. Bizarre, sleek and brilliantly executed.

Fennie L (gb) wrote: the best Jia Zhang Ke film

Emmi R (us) wrote: Liian outoa, kun oma sisko on ilmetty Lea...

Jocey D (ru) wrote: I enjoyed this romantic drama. Michael Douglas and Melanie Griffith make an engaging couple. Different times? the war seems almost civilized as a backdrop to their love and duty to country.

natalie t (mx) wrote: These two actors are stellar. A story of passion and tragedy, one for the ages.

Carlos M (ca) wrote: Jim Carrey is hilarious with his customary physical humor, but he can't do much to compensate for gags that are mostly poorly conceived or just ridiculous, not to mention a plot that borders on complete implausibility and is all about artificial conflicts.

Jose Luis M (ca) wrote: Episodios sobre la historia de Estados Unidos, John Ford, Hathaway y George Marshall dirigen este cl sico, aunque es un poco larga vale la pena su visionado.

Jay B (br) wrote: Truly the worst film I have ever seen. It is my benchmark to compare with other poor films.