The Magnetic Monster

The Magnetic Monster

A young scientist's experiment goes awry when he creates a monster from a radioactive isotope and finds that the creature consumes energy to grow in size and terrorize the nearby town.

A scientist (Richard Carlson) and his assistant (King Donovan) give an energy-eating isotope a taste of 900,000,000 volts. They calculate that if the substance is not destroyed soon that within 24 hours or so it will have grown large enough to throw Earth out of its orbit. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gary R (de) wrote: Corn-based, corn fest! ???

Helen S (es) wrote: Personal injury compensation is a ruthless and cut-throat business in Argentina, as seen through the budding relationship between Sosa the cynical, seedy ambulance-chasing lawyer and Lujan, the innocent but weary, drug-addict doctor. The performances are great, the plot takes some jumps that are a bit hard to believe and the ending will leave you breathless. Ricardo Darin has been in better film, but this is worth watching if you're ok with subtitles.

Bengel W (br) wrote: An emotional soppy movie from America showing that their society is a complete failure and is becoming the most unstable influence in the world today, and it starts with the failure to look after family. The mental inadequacy of American Christian women also comes across well as the mother treats her son in the most stupid manner imaginable. Nibbles: Jelly babies.

Yasachandra B (us) wrote: A soul satisfying motivational movie.

Andrew S (fr) wrote: Entertaining low budget film about a compulsive gambler who is given an hour to live.

Will S (ag) wrote: While this had the potential to be early Cronenberg creepy, unfortunately it fails in areas where Cronenberg would have excelled. O'Brien's plodding and emotionless directing with little attention to the 5 main performers leaves one feeling that it was a pretty cool idea on paper (albeit with a nod to a multitude of titles from Alien to The Brood), that lacked the fervour of a director with vision. Disappointing at best; boring for most. However, as a fan of contemporary Irish film attempting to do something edgier, I would at least encourage the genre to be explored more by Irish film-makers

Movie K (gb) wrote: An alright movie. Expected more from Dante Lam the director though. The movie is mix in with some un-necessary plot and weak flow of the movie and poor ending. Just barely there overall. Movie begin with a hostage situation. Girl A holding girl B hostage as B is new gal of a playboy officer Eason Chan. Eason dare her to shoot which she fire at a cup. Aaron point gun at Eason and say he should die, exchange hostage. Now B hold A hostage when she snatch her gun. A get it back and play roulette and B fainted. The duo transfer to a new department under Danny Lee, to replace current leader Yumiko Cheng who is getting married. Duo were assign a case. They need to find a guy and a gang boss wouldn't reveal, instead treat them to eat spicy food. But give them a guy who will (Carl Ng) He give a piece of info to a girl Victoria Wu. Aaron and Eason couldn't catch him. Bernice Liu came to find Aaron to confide. He let her bite him to feel better. She is his ex-girlfriend but he still treat her good. The thieves target the new arrival necklace belonging to Brunei royalty. Gun fight in the highway with cops but they escape with the diamond. Eason and Aaron argue in office and Yumiko join in, at stake is claim of the overall in charge. Holding a paintball match in office, she is the first to strike out. Aaron and Eason shoot together and no winner. They track the phone call of Victoria and block all signal. Found her at the public phone, Eason kiss Yumiko to hide. They chase after her and she smash a bottle at Aaron but caught. Yumiko's fiance is caught cheating by her and she calls off the wedding. Eason saw her crying and comfort her. They kiss again. Victoria's phone ring and Eason let her answer. Carl is meeting her. Eason let her off for this hush mission. The baddie Dave Wang shoot him on scene. Carl pass a sim card to Victoria to call her boyfriend Huang Pin Yuan. Aaron came and both of them lose sight of Dave. Victoria caught again. She demand to stay in a better place. Eason go off to fetch Yumiko, she ask him to marry her since the wedding venue is still on. Danny came and ask her why is she in his car. He let on the love letter she received is from him. Eason appear from car back and Danny wants them to shut the secret. Victoria steal Aaron phone to make the call. He let her on purpose. Bernice call him out and he can't go. Victoria say it is ok she can tag along. At the restaurant, Bernice say she is pregnant and marrying her boyfriend. Huang appear and hold them gun point and escape. Eason assure Aaron of finding her, as he place a tracker on her. Victoria give him the necklace and is sad he only care about it. He says he only want to put it on her. Dave appear and kills him, hold her hostage. Aaron willing to change position with her. Yumiko come from behind Dave, and she become hostage. Eason change role with her. Aaron seeing Eason eye signal and proceed to shoot. Eason awake in hospital and say he didn't expect him to shoot.

Korinn G (br) wrote: foreign one was better

Erin B (ca) wrote: It was ok. The begining was difficult to follow, which was unfortunate since it explained pretty much everything else.

Dale P (ag) wrote: Absolutely incredible!

Adam R (mx) wrote: (First viewing - Spring 2007)

Elgan D (gb) wrote: A hilarious documentary centred around a dreamers attempt to make it big in the film industry and the varied characters he drags along in his quest.

Matt M (jp) wrote: The account of a group of American guerrilla fighters in the Philippines, waiting for MacArthur to reach the country that has been taken over by the Japanese. Left alone in enemy territory, the only signals they are sent is in messages printed on the back of cigarette boxes and received through homemade transmitter. The film is quite dull and outdated. As a matter of fact, overall it seems as inventive as its title. There is never a real feeling of tension, because an awkwardly placed love affair sucks a lot of life from it. In the end, this doesn(TM)t stand out from many other films of the kind, and it remains a somewhat anonymous Fritz Lang film.

Justin B (nl) wrote: There are occasionally sweet moments that feel genuine but as per Sandler tradition, it clashes with the lazy slapstick and misguided crude humour.

Stephen G (us) wrote: Picked this up via Pilar Alessandra's On the Page podcast. It's a thoughtful exploration of college life. The film's main strength is the depth and complexity of all of the main characters. One could argue that the white characters are a little under-written, but this is understandable, given the subject matter. Recommended.

Melita M (ca) wrote: Solidan filmic katastrofe, nis posebno

Augustine H (de) wrote: We definitely know more about the incident about Lance Armstrong, but not himself as a person. Stephen Frears should be better than this.