The Magnificent

The Magnificent

Casanova Wong stars as a young fighter who does battle with a formidable gang of Mongolian fighters using his Yang Sun Style to defeat their deadly Wind Blade Palm

A loyal commissioner defends the Chinese republic against a scheming general . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Magnificent torrent reviews

Jason M (jp) wrote: Way better than expected.

Tracey c (br) wrote: NOT INTERESTED THANKS

Stephen D (kr) wrote: i Liked the movie more the first time I saw it. Most movies I can watch more than once. This one isn't one. this is my second time seeing it, and found it to be slow , and didn't like the supernatural stuff put in it. If it's a True story , then make that way. I am impressed at what Millman was able to overcome. I love the accident scene, because it is so indentical to what I did when I was 18. And yes woke up in the hospital wondering what happened. But I had a fractured skull and broken collar bone, and major road rash. I landed on my head and shoulder. It makes me grateful to have survied something like that. To make the movie more realistic is when he woke up he wasn't in any pain? When I woke up , I kept passing out from the pain. Bodies aren't made to fly thru the air and land on concrete, at 70 miles an hour.

Hans J E (au) wrote: Great short by Andrea Arnold of Fish Tank fame.

Jordy A G (au) wrote: lo unico bueno son los ostiasos xd

Shaun B (de) wrote: This is how bad this movie is. Type in Werewolf in the search engine, the exact title of this movie, and this one is halfway down the list.

Neil D (br) wrote: A great trilogy overall - the varied, unique soundtracks in particular blew me away.Anim 1: Rating 4; haunting, isolation, space.Anim 2: Rating 3; mainly for the soundtrack. I think I saw this one a bit like a music video.Anim 3: Rating 5; long and demanding, but hardcore, technical, pointlessness, 1984-ish, depressing.

Keating T (it) wrote: A well rounded mystery thriller, never a distasteful scene. The plot lacks some clarity. HItch did a fine job here, as he mixes up long shot and short cuts, keeps the eye entertained but the down side is he fails at ramping up the suspense.

Private U (de) wrote: It had mystery and love. it had old actors and new actors which made it very cool

Eric L (ag) wrote: Pour ma fille lol oh my god ! les beaux grand yeux qu'elle avait quand elle a vu les "Snowgies" ! ??????????????????????????????

Lee M (fr) wrote: Even with its limping screenplay and general drift toward competence rather than excellence, Birdman does pull us well enough into its fistful of compelling characters.