The Maladjusted

The Maladjusted

Three friends struggle to maintain their hedonistic lifestyles as they approach 30. Delving into their story, we become subjected to their inane theories, absurd philosophies and warped sense of humor.

Robbie hasn't been doing anything with his life. The years of floundering have made him increasingly malcontent. He is an aspiring writer and although his barhopping
lifestyle has provided him with loads of great material and social situations| he is having trouble getting his first novel going. Robbie's best friend| Ian| takes
it upon himself to find Robbie the inspiration he needs by double booking a friend's beach house that is being rented to a threesome girls. After several nights of
arguments| Internet booty calls gone wrong| hedonistic debauchery and struggles with their female house mates| Robbie realizes that while he has found his
inspiration| still| his biggest aspiration is to outgrow his pals and get a deeper| more meaningful life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg N (es) wrote: One unanswered question though. What was in those sausages?

Aimee E (jp) wrote: Dragging plot that goes nowhere, IRA story gets muddled. No real action and no ending.

Vilia C (es) wrote: a sweet romatic comedy starring 2 great french actors. storyline is predictable but it's the french flavor that i enjoyed. tickled by this line from Jean Reno's character - "the pig died for nothing. this is lousy ham!"

Myra M (au) wrote: luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv this movie

Ker Malkin G (es) wrote: Meh, they might as well go ahead with the reboot then.

Rachel M (kr) wrote: great! however, it was hard to understand Indian accents. but still highly recommend!

Sherry (ag) wrote: This movie is awesome^^

Sarah I (it) wrote: Silly and tame, compared to today's standards. The acting is laughable; it was nice to practice up on my French, though, but that was about all it was good for

Allen R (br) wrote: Who says arthouse films can't contain a never-ending stream of fart jokes? I'll put even this minor Ozu up against the best efforts from today's "auteurs"

Samuel B (br) wrote: Quite an old movie, but well done. Garbo did quite a part on this one, and I recommend watching it. I don't know how historically accurate it is, but I would watch it again sometime.

Jayakrishnan R (jp) wrote: 87%Watched this on 13/11/14Sean Penn provides his career best performance and you cannot see a better way in which an autistic character can be portrayed on cinema. Michelle Pfeiffer also provides an excellent work and Dakota Fanning is adorable. The film is well directed, but at times it(the script) seems unrealistic. You can make a film about such a sensitive issue and cover it all up in melodrama and you can provide an ending that one might believe to be most realistic, but isn't it what most films do? wouldn't that be a cliche? But unfortunately the critics do not understand it and most of them isn't even convinced of Penn's acting. It is easy to criticize because people who have nothing to do can do it easily, but the real pain is always there in the making of it. This movie has an ending that we all want to see and it presents that in a most realistic way that the script is capable of providing.

Denise P (gb) wrote: Fluffy, unfocused and populated with shallow characters, John Tucker Must Die plays it way too safely with a brainlessly written script that doesn't even have the conviction to take its own spicy storyline seriously.

John A (au) wrote: Insurrection Is The Most Dramatic Of The TNG Films, Providing A More Human Plot, For Dramatic Effect. Some Parts Sadly Play Like An Overstretched Episode. While Other Parts Play As A Film. Overall However It's An Enjoyable Movie.