The Mallory Effect

The Mallory Effect

Charlie can't take his mind off of his ex-girlfriend, Mallory. When he sees her with her new boyfriend, his obsession takes charge. With the cut-to-the-chase advice of his best friend Nick, Charlie decides to take action to recover his lost love. His plan: secretly befriend her new boyfriend and sabotage their relationship from the inside out.

After getting dumped by his girlfriend Mallory, Charlie hatches a plan to get her back: secretly befriending her new boyfriend and sabotaging their relationship from the inside out. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Susan W (ag) wrote: A well done period piece done in a style and manner befitting the subject and the time. Sheen's performance is outstanding,he understands his character and delivers. The rest of the cast are more than competent. The simple story would not work if it were any faster. I don't know why other reviewers are putting it down. The simple plot and the characters develop beautifully as the story unfolds. It is well told, and well worth watching.

Emm L (de) wrote: Can't believe this was released so late. From watching it, i got the impression it was made much earlier. I guess they missed the mark timing-wise, since everyone knows about peak oil nowadays. i remember wanting to make one fim about peak oil and another about water shortages back in 2003-2005, but never got around to it, and then realised it was just too late to do, since they were no longer news.Well done, if very US-focussed.

Neil H (fr) wrote: It is good for a 12 year old, but technically terrible. Overall entertaining.

Kaylie E (mx) wrote: This movie was absolutely horrible, especially comparing it to the first Battle Royale. The first movie was absolutely great. It was pretty suspenseful, and offered an interesting opinion on the world without being totally anti-war. However, the second movie just sucked! Anti-war, anti-death, and the romantic elements are too strong. And the hell is with Shuya?! He is looked at as if he's a glorified hero, but hell no! Shuya is the last person I would expect to lead a terrorist group, no matter what kind of things he's seen. The Shuya I know from the first Battle Royale wouldn't want to kill more and carry out a whole freaking war! Honestly, I think they wasted a LOT of time and money on this piece of crap. If they wanted a second Battle Royale I would have been very content if they had just used another class for another Battle, no matter how boring that may sound. But of course, they decided to "spread a good message" and tell us how horrible war is and that it shouldn't exist. Thank you for wasting 2 hours of my time!

Brandan W (kr) wrote: Your standard "jerk finds his humanity through identification with an Other" formula comedy. In this case, the Other is a female--which is usually a recipe for disaster unless the jerk is Dustin Hoffman.I let this run as background noise after another movie ended, and was surprised to find myself watching it and even laughing a few times. I can't recommend spending money on a rental, but if it comes on cable you could do worse.

Jose Miguel G (jp) wrote: A comedy that mixes family and dumb-teen humor with the charisma of a young Chevy Chase.

Andrew L (ca) wrote: This is a breath of fresh air in comparison with it's predecessor's, mainly because of the much needed new approach taken by director Cuaron. The problem however with making the series more 'mature' & dramatic with each new instalment is that ultimately the films rest on the performances of it's main protagonist. In this case, 'Prisoner Of Azkaban' only serves to prove that Radcliffe is not an actor though he strives to be considered so. Decent enough support from Thewlis, Oldman & Rickman despite their stark screen time fail to give the film any other credibility outside of it's production design & CGI. The Dementors however are the best part of the film, making them a more formidable villain than Ralph Fiennes' Voldemort in the latter parts of the series.

Jarrin R (fr) wrote: One of my Christmas favorites, that doesn't mean it is that great of a movie. The story and acting are just okay, it provides enough spaced out action and laughs that you are not bored. Although it's nice to see Arnold in family friendly role, it is not that believable that he is his character.

Alec B (ag) wrote: Its an interesting argument for comedy as the best form of escapism, especially since the film is anything but escapist. That finale is quite touching.

Keith S (br) wrote: Sunday afternoon viewing after a good meal

fero H (it) wrote: What a wonderful film! I can go on and on writing positive things about the film, but one aspect that I would really like to highlight is, is its ending. Extremely realistic and the kind of approach that people take in real life.Thrilling, keeps you on your toes throughout and is one of the best heist films. The best thing about it being that right through, till the very end, one gets the feeling that the guy will not be able to flee and would eventually get caught, but he doesn't. Throughout you deal with a fear, yet in the end it proves out to be nothing. A thing where it differentiate from a lot of heist films is, the guy/team were never shown to be any smart players, or masterminds of any kind. It was all so real and it just happened, you know.Again, in short, a brilliant film!