The Maltese Falcon

The Maltese Falcon

A private detective takes on a case that involves him with three eccentric criminals, a gorgeous liar, and their quest for a priceless statuette.

The Maltese Falcon is based on a detective novel tells about a private detective stumbled to involve in a struggle treasure between the names hunt antiques. While Spade investigates murder, he discovers that O'Shaughnessy isn't innocent as she often says. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Maltese Falcon torrent reviews

Penny K (jp) wrote: I like both Actors but disappointed with the movie

Zahid M (au) wrote: Awesome dialog delivery by Sanjay Dutt and Mahesh Manjarekar. The story is pretty good... Love the dialogs...and the main song sung by the awesome Dutt himself...tez dhar.... beautifull...

Don S (es) wrote: This is a low budget horror movie; the effects are pretty awful. The "monster" looks ludicrous. Neither it, nor the movie, is scary in the least. Vincent is not a horrible actress. I've enjoyed her in other films and liked her here as well. The rest of the cast I have worse opinions of. Could just be the poor dialogue though. The story is weak and disjointed. Too much time was spent on the accident that killed Danielle's friend and not enough building up tension concerning the monster. Not enough here to recommend.

Peter P (it) wrote: City Hall has a good cast and decent pacing, but is seems to lose its way halfway through. Pity, I was hoping for more.

Eliabeth T (us) wrote: John Doe, Ad-Rock and motorcycles - do you need more?

Orlok W (br) wrote: Sublime Insanity in a Used Car Lot--You get a lot of millage out of this baby!!

Marcus W (fr) wrote: This film has a severe case of ADHD.

Gregory W (it) wrote: awesome animal pic from the folks who did 'born free' and others

jay n (kr) wrote: An unvarnished look at the hard road that a group of women settlers have to face on a wagon train journey to California. Nothing is glamorized and the cost of the trip is honestly depicted as heavy with human lives. As with real life even in tough times there are humorous incidents that happen and they enrich the story and the film. A unique film with excellent direction. Hope Emerson stands out as a no nonsense, plain spoken traveler but all the performances are very good.

Greg W (au) wrote: a hollywood study of a psychopath

Bryan D (es) wrote: Pretty much a "wish that it was Resident Evil" cut together with an overbearing Facebook is evil message.

Phil P (gb) wrote: I really liked this movie, the pace was good and when Gibson is on, he's still capable of carrying a film.

W James S (us) wrote: Despite all the great actors chewing up the scenery here, this film proves to be a lurid tale that descends into violence. Although William Friedkin used to be one of the great directors in Hollywood (think "The Exorcist" and the "French Connection", just to name a couple), I don't think that he really hits the mark here at all. It seems to lack any sense of humor (except for Thomas Haden Church, who also hits the comic mark).

AW C (fr) wrote: Sideway's mixture of comedy, drama, and romance is wholly unpredictable and profound.