The Man Behind the Gun

The Man Behind the Gun

This 1952 western stars Randolph Scott as an army investigator who poses as a schoolteacher while working undercover to expose a group of secessionists. Also starring Patrice Wymore, Roy Roberts, Alan Hale Jr., Lina Romay, Morris Ankrum, Dick Wesson and Philip Carey.

An undercover government agent battles insurrectionists whose want Southern California to secede and become a slave state. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anna L (us) wrote: Jeez, that was bleak.

Sachin B (ca) wrote: Only because Amanda Seyfried was in it.

Ithak N (ca) wrote: Average horror anthology that starts out promising with a good animated sequence, i wish the whole movie was like that, it would have been a lot better.

Elvis T (au) wrote: Beautiful movie although in the abstract there isn't much happening. Birol nel's presence as always is astonishing. Visually and musically wonderful.

Ben K (ag) wrote: Considering I'm a huge fan of the books, and loved Night Watch, I had high expectations of this movie.....they were, exceeded.

Greg H (br) wrote: Loved it. I keep watching it.

Graeme R (gb) wrote: It was very atmospheric, but not really much of a story

Katelyn B (fr) wrote: First off (because this is what disappointed me the most about the movie), "staring George Clooney" is incredibly misleading. I mostly wanted to watch this film for an 80's George Clooney. Well, he has [literally] about 2 minutes in the movie, and is killed in the first 5 minutes of it. Why his name is the first on the cover (or on the cover at all) is beyond me. Probably a stunt to sell more copies. Fooled me. Anywho! A lot of the acting was pretty poor, and the movie itself was boring and uninteresting. Not scary, not a horror film. Unnecessary nudity, which I can't stand. Just... altogether a bad bad bad bad bad movie.

Luca D (it) wrote: Un film che non ha molti acuti, ma che nella sua semplicit riesce ad intrattenere e a non essere mai banale anche se nel finale alla fine risulta un po' troppo semplice. Clint Eastwood passa dal western ad un altro genere che ci somiglia molto come trama ma con un'ambientazione pi moderna.

Fran M (gb) wrote: This is about as perfect a franchise-starter as you could imagine and certainly accomplishes the task of leaving you eagerly anticipating Bond's next adventure. What stands out most is, even in his debut, Connery commands the role like he's been playing Bond for years. From the moment he shows up on screen, he's James Bond: and Connery is the perfect center to base this 007 world around, with a cool presence that makes him just as relatable when he's checking out a hot girl on a beach, irritating his boss or going nuts with a shoe to make sure a spider is dead. Connery's Bond isn't the most brilliant guy around and just simply seems like a regular guy that every guy aspires to be in a way that few of his successors accomplish. The scene that best epitomizes the character involves Bond and the devious Miss Taro (Zena Marshall). Bond's already figured she's no good, but she's hot enough for him to sleep with her twice, kick her out and then kill her would-be-assassin partner.Similar to Daniel Craig in his debut in Casino Royale, Connery's Bond isn't spoiled by souped-up secret gadgets - his most exotic upgrade is a Walther PPK with a silencer - but some of the more lasting trademarks of the franchise are already in place. Like a strictly business commanding officer, M (Bernard Lee), the flirtatious banter with Miss Moneypenny (Lois Maxwell) and a staggeringly gorgeous Bond Girl in Honey Ryder (Ursula Andress, who sets a ridiculously high standard for future Bond girls).The low-key mystery plot (where Bond is dispatched to Jamaica to investigate the disappearance of a fellow agent and finds himself in the middle of a plot to disrupt the U.S. space shuttle launch at Cape Canaveral) and the resolutely human-sized drama of it all makes this one of the sanest of all Bond pictures. Although somewhat rough around its edges, every series has to start somewhere, and this low and tame adventure is, again, the perfect franchise-starter. it is astonishing how well this film holds up and is every bit as engaging, suspenseful and entertaining as any of the more recent editions to the Bond mythos with bigger budgets, more expansive sets and exhilarating stunts.

Ahmed M (gb) wrote: Never thought I would honestly like a romantic-comedy movie, but this movie got me. This movie surprises with its smart script, comedy scenes and Heath Ledger's spectacular performance. 10 Things I Hate About You is a must-watch for any romantic-comedy fan or someone who has no interest in romantic-comedy movies (me).

John C (nl) wrote: Phil dunphee and ari gold kickin Somali ass

Stuart M (nl) wrote: I went into this movie hoping for a moronic '90s Scifi with no sense of its own campiness and absurdity. And I suppose that's basically what I got, except that instead of being filled with laughably bad scenes it just sort of plods along without going anywhere. It never really embraces the concept. The only truly hilariously campy scenes were the outdated technological marvel ones where you realise that an iPhone can have more storage capacity than Keanu's brain. A shocking dose of realism that.

Smashproplaya (kr) wrote: The worst music documentary that I've ever seen in my entire life.