The Man Between

The Man Between

"The Man Between" is a 1953 British thriller film directed by Carol Reed and starring James Mason, Claire Bloom, Hildegard Knef and Geoffrey Toone. A British woman on a visit to post-war Berlin is caught up in an espionage ring smuggling secrets into and out of the Eastern Bloc.

The film begins when Susanne Mallinson (Claire Bloom) is visiting the occupied city of postwar Berlin, as the guest of her brother, Major Martin Mallinson (Geoffrey Toone) and his wife Bettina (Hildegarde Neff), whom he met during his initial stay in Berlin as a British Army doctor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Heather P (au) wrote: The most amazing movie I'll see in 2015. Hope, Love, Happiness, Honor, Teaching, Inspiring, Respect, Motivating, and most of all Friendship!!! Goosebumps of excitement and sorrow for loss.

Bobby A (ca) wrote: Kind of a sad ending..but then again...its a horror film.

Taylor B (nl) wrote: it was really good!!!!!!!!!

Cody O (ru) wrote: i have seen this movie so many times

Marnie Z (gb) wrote: I am by no means homophobic but this was a bit "too gay" for me!

Melissa D (ag) wrote: Good lord. Who thinks of these things lol

Oliver B (mx) wrote: Ted Danson's fake hair gets one star.

Lee M (fr) wrote: A partly funny and occasionally toucing coming-of-age flick.

Anne F (kr) wrote: One of the baddies is shot dead, but is discovered to have been suffering from pneumonic plague. The police and public health depts. have two days to find who he had associated with, but want to avoid causing widespread panic and unnecessary spreading of the disease. The film is entertaining and well acted.

Logan M (es) wrote: "Gone With the Wind" is hardly a timeless cinema classic. In addition to just being plain boring, it romanticizes racist aspects of southern life during the mid-1800s.

Aj V (ca) wrote: This was a really good drama, it's sad too. Stanwyk gives a great performance.

Mayank A (kr) wrote: Really enjoyed this movie, got an interesting plot, superb anime and awesome voice over. The thin line between Good & Evil is explored, without giving anything away, the triangle between Batman, Joker & the Red Hood is just amazing.

David G (fr) wrote: It was crazy, and it knew that, so I liked it for what it was.

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