The Man from London

The Man from London

One night Maloin, a switchman at a seaside railway station situated by a ferry harbour, witnesses a terrible event...

One night Maloin, a switchman at a seaside railway station situated by a ferry harbor, witnesses a terrible event. He is just watching the arrival of the last ferry at night from his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David B (ru) wrote: Very funny, the actors in it are amazing

Jen B (nl) wrote: It's a fascinating story that could have been better told if Markopolos had not narrated the story himself. It's okay that they made him the central character but it would have been a better documentary if more had been told about Madoff and the individual feeder funds, as well as the miserable failures working at the SEC. There really should be more investigations carried out on the SEC and the criminals that surrounded Madoff. I finished the film having a lot of empathy for Markopolos, he's clearly suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (for obvious reasons), he had been through so much.

J R (es) wrote: This movie was very educational and cool. It helped me understand nuclear weapons and how big of a threat they are. It was kind of one sided. They said the only solution given was to get rid of all nuclear weapons. I really liked it.

Rachael D (fr) wrote: actually pretty good, didn't want to see it cuz i didn't think that "Flicka" really needed a sequel, but my mom watched it and i got sucked in. lol

Steven M (ca) wrote: There are brief moments when you think that just maybe this "Bourne" wannabe will take off. But it never does. And for all kinds of reasons: In every scene, the trite musical score instructs exactly how we're supposed to feel, and during those scenes when we're meant to feel gooey and happy for the lovers, the music's cloying sweetness makes your teeth rot. The schmaltzy and chaste (and exposition-laden) romance scenes make you squirm with embarrassment. And how do we learn that the tough-guy protagonist really does have a heart of gold? Well, he tells his girl that a kitten is his favorite memory of growing up. (Really. A kitten.) Not content to leave it at that, we are subjected to a treacly flashback in which a boy and a kitten emote in an epilogue that just goes on and on.The casting is off too. Our Bourne-like super agent, supposedly a native New Yorker, is played by a thoroughly uncharismatic actor who speaks English with a Japanese accent. ("Rain Fall" seems to have been made for the Japanese market where this would go unnoticed.) And the big "surprise" that comes near the end is utter logical nonsense.There's even cheesy product-placement: A Midori sign hangs in the front window of what is supposed to be the Village Vanguard, a jazz club in Greenwich Village. (Yessir, melon-flavored Japanese liqueur is the beverage of choice in every smoky downtown New York bar.)And then there's Gary Oldman, who's clearly in it just for the coin, and who chews up the scenery and spits it out in every frame he's in. His acting shows all the subtlety and finesse of a runaway freight train in what is surely the hands-down worst performance of his career. It is so hilariously bad, that it's good, which may be the only reason to watch this turkey.

Frank N (br) wrote: A cliche and overly sentimental movie that has no original elements and bores with a tedious story. The only decent things about this movie are the acting by Whitaker and the cinematography.

Vuk S (ru) wrote: Fairly basic action movie. Only for action-fans, which I most definitely am not.

Sophie L (ag) wrote: c'est ca le bonheur !!

joshua b (ag) wrote: David Mamet's play translates surprisingly well to film considering how it has only two characters and takes place in one room. Mamet's dialogue is blisteringly sharp and his themes of power and intent and political correctness are still complex and the presentation uncomfortable. However, Debra Eisenstadt was a poor choice to fill the film role opposite William H. Macy; in a film focused entirely on the abilities of two people to converse, her conversational acting is weak and sometimes even laughable.

Tore S (de) wrote: Duvall og Harris er overlegne i dette dramaet. Det er ikke til aa tro. Filmen er saa roerende og herlig at man forsvinner helt inn i den.

Brad W (ca) wrote: OK drama action. Not really worth the cast that's assembled.

Bogdan S (de) wrote: 1975. Venezuela. It was about the oil.

Roger C (de) wrote: Destination Moon was the first major technicolor motion picture produced in the United States dealing with a trip to the moon, and the first serious, big budget science fiction film. Robert A. Heinlein (author of Starship Troopers, The Puppet Masters, Stranger in A Strange Land, and Space Cadet) co-wrote the screenplay very loosely from his 1947 novel Rocketship Galileo, although about all that remains unchanged in the film is the name Dr. Cargraves. In the book there is a veiled threat from unknown enemies that turn out to be Nazis (this was the first thing Heinlein wrote after the war) - in the film there's just a veiled reference to a communist threat. I suspect the film also draws from Heinlein's more sophisticated treatment from the same period, The Man Who Sold The Moon. The film's suspenseful and scientifically accurate plot depicts man's first voyage to and landing on the Moon, and the dangers of outer space travel. A Woody Woodpecker cartoon is included to demonstrate the principles of rocketry.George Pal's first science fiction film (earlier he had done Puppetoons and The Great Rupert), Destination Moon earned an Academy Award for Special Effects. Later Mr. Pal would produce more science fiction classics including When World's Collide, War Of The Worlds, and The Time Machine. Photographed in Technicolor with an original musical score by Leith Stevens and stunning artwork by Chesley Bonestell, Destination Moon is a milestone in special effects and a classic in the science fiction genre.It is said that this film was shown to President Eisenhower to persuade him to support the pre-NASA space programs. On 6 October 1988, after the Robert Heinlein's death, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) awarded him the NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal:"In recognition of his meritorious service to the Nation and mankind in advocating and promoting the exploration of space. Through dozens of superbly written novels and essays and his epoch-making movie Destination Moon, he helped inspire the Nation to take its first step into space and onto the Moon. Even after his death, his books live on as testimony to a man of purpose and vision, a man dedicated to encouraging others to dream, explore and achieve." -- James C. Fletcher, Administrator, NASA

Alex K (ag) wrote: This Movie Is So Bloody And Gory.

Ziv E (it) wrote: The story and characters are a bit weak, but the animation and comedy are gonna be what will stand out.Story:6|10Animation:8|10Characters:6|10Overall:6|10.

Philip E (us) wrote: Denis Rodman should stick to rebounding