The Man from Nowhere

The Man from Nowhere

His only friend called him 'the man from nowhere'... Taesik, a former special agent becomes a loner after losing his wife in a miserable accident and lives a bitter life running a pawnshop. He only has a few customers and a friend named Somi, a little girl next door. As Taesik spends more and more time with Somi, he gets attached to her. Then Somi is kidnapped by a gang, and as Taesik tries to save Somi by becoming deeply associated with the gang his mysterious past is revealed...

A retired special agent with a violent past forges an unlikely bond with his neglected young neighbor and in order to bring the girl back home safely, he must take on a drug-and-organ trafficking ring. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Man from Nowhere torrent reviews

Karena H (ag) wrote: I enjoyed most of this movie. The two leads were great and the growing relationship between Tahmeena and John was beautifully portrayed. However the over the top 'thriller' ending spoiled it a little for me - it was just not credible. The story was dramatic enough without it.

scott g (de) wrote: macy and dern play a married couple, where one of them is jewish, wartime newyork, as the neighburhood they live in take a dislike to there lifestyle, they feel compelled to keep itsecret, and when its found out , all maner of questions arise, a interesting look at hatred and racist people,

Greg N (ca) wrote: I rewatched this for some unknown reason. I liked it better this time. The complete lack of anything even approaching a good person I appreciate quite a bit more than when I first saw this back in college. Not that I disliked it the first time. I just still didn't think it was that good and obviously my standards are lowering. I still think the ending makes no sense. I mean what's up with the random black and white with the target following their car around like a helicopter is gonna shoot them. I understand this is based on a crime novel and/or comic book. I'm assuming they explain it there. I love Vincent Cassel's mullet in this thing.

Frances H (it) wrote: No build up to any emotion between father and kids. Through most of the movie, he feels nothing for them and then the end comes close and suddenly he's father of the year. This one is as bad as the critics say.

Anna Q (jp) wrote: Classic Disney live action. Plus Bette Davis still creeps me out.

Anthony A (jp) wrote: A wonderful tale of life in a German WWII POW camp. Some of the humor I was not expecting from a Billy WIlder picture.

Callum M (nl) wrote: Indeed an underrated movie but for all the right reasons. There is nothing memorable about this outing although Rourke & Shakur both give great performances.

Ken S (nl) wrote: Alfred Hitchcock's final film is the story of a phony psychic and her cab driver boyfriend as they attempt to unravel a mystery about a missing heir to a huge fortune (given away as a baby because he was illegitimate), and getting wrapped up in what that heir has become as an adult...a kidnapper who ransoms people for diamonds. It is a solid entertaining film from the Master of Suspense who gives his final film before illness stopped him from continuing on with his next project. The cast is good, and the film works for the most part. It isn't the best of his work, but he didn't go out embarrassingly, which is more than can be said with so many other longtime filmmakers like Hitch. He had a great career, and managed to keep it strong from the 1920s up through the 1970s.

Collin R (de) wrote: I give up, I just couldnt finish it. simply became too painful to watch... SOOOO BORING