The Man from the Alamo

The Man from the Alamo

During the war for Texas independence, one man leaves the Alamo before the end (chosen by lot to help others' families) but is too late to accomplish his mission, and is branded a coward. Since he cannot now expose a gang of turncoats, he infiltrates them instead. Can he save a wagon train of refugees from Wade's Guerillas?

During the war for Texas independence, one man leaves the Alamo before the end (chosen by lot to help others' families) but is too late to accomplish his mission, and is branded a coward. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill R (it) wrote: there's a weird thing about this movie is that I didn't like it but yet, it was entertaining enou ghost to keep me engaged. it's not terrible but the main character of Erik gets to that annoying point where you almost want to stop but then something happens to keep it going and him to stop for a second or two. there's more humor then scares and it shouldn't even fit into a horror category but somehow it does. also felt like I was being thrown into one writers views of politics, global warming and cancer. not a recommendation but if you are bored, go for it.

Udayalaksmanakartiyasa H (gb) wrote: This is such a heavy story for an anime. I felt it like watching an adaptation of crime-novel. And the imagination of the android life is fascinating. There are twists that I never even think about. The animation also smooth, that it felt good to the eyes. Definitely going to watch the next Border.

Wes S (ag) wrote: A unsuccessful parody of the Daikaiju genre, there's more to shake one's head at than to laugh at. The monster suits are fine, the basic plot is decent but the messy subplots and constant style changes really affect it. The final monster battle is fun, abet silly, but it's not enough to justify any of the things that came before it.

jack c (kr) wrote: it's not the best documentary i've ever seen about italy's prime minister, but it's interesting and sinisterly funny. The director investigates the italian media world and find out italian politics..not bad!

Travis S (nl) wrote: This is a great example of how India can make some high quality films for a low budget.The story is simple. Aamir lands at the airport, gets handed a cell phone, gets his passport and all IDs taken away from him, and his family is being held for ransom. What makes this film different than all other films like this--- the ransom is not money, it is something much greater.My favorite thing about Aamir is the use of music. This film has a great score, music was written specifically for this film.

Sukrit S (us) wrote: A Must See MovieGreat work By Matthew.......

Jordan M (nl) wrote: Talk about build up! This film builds tension to the boiling point before unleashing the beast within. Vincent Cassel, as always, is amazing. His role as Joseph is extremely unsettling in every meaning of the word. A truly creepy experiance.

Mohi U (fr) wrote: Good movie. 3 and half hours. But totally worth it.

Brian H (au) wrote: I dont remember the movie all too much but as a kid that evil doll scared the shit out of me. I remember it being a psuedo-dark movie with a lot of odd creepyness. The 80's produced some odd flicks..

Paul D (ru) wrote: A decent comedy with a less whacky performance than usual from Rik Mayall, but this by no means makes it lesser.

Fabian N (nl) wrote: Kan nog den bsta svenska filmen ngonsin. En slags komik som inte s ofta frekommer i det kalla norden utan bara i huvuderna p Hasse & Tage. Man skrattar tills man grter men filmen visar ven en poetisk sida. Vackra miljbyggen och bilder av Per ?hlin.

Brett A (fr) wrote: I am not the most ardent of Woody Allen fans. I have to say I did enjoy this quirky movie though.... Diane Keaton was amazing - and as a portrayal of neurosis, I felt the characters deeply.

Greg W (ca) wrote: oh boy! another nun movie-think roslind russel in 'where angels go" or ingrid bergman in bells of st mary's" or even whoopie goldberg in 'sister act" a well mined genre

Al P (ru) wrote: Did you like this??????????????

Phillie E (fr) wrote: No need for a plot or fleshed out character development in this unapologic 80's action flick.