The Man from Toronto

The Man from Toronto

According to the terms of a will two strangers must marry. Leila (Jessie Matthews) is a widow, and Fergus (Ian Hunter) is a Canadian bachelor. Both are bequeathed a fortune, but there is a condition to the receipt of it. The two much marry within a year. To aid matters, Leila disguises herself as Fergus' maid, and the two begin to fall in love. However when Fergus discovers the truth, he is less than pleased by the deception.

According to the terms of a will two strangers must marry. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mohammed A (fr) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Don S (jp) wrote: As a SyFy channel movie, you know that budget is low and consequently, in most cases, acting quality is below average too. I found the acting to be acceptable here, but the CGI was fairly bad. I liked the addition of the creature to the tale of Robin Hood; I feel it gave it a nice twist and a little pop to spark my interest. Decent for what it is.

Lone W (de) wrote: truly amazing the man is a genius and a legend

Luke W (ag) wrote: This doc was going along fine until it took a nosedive with Moore droning on about his interest in the occult.

Trey W (mx) wrote: Just watch the original

Oliver A (us) wrote: Didn't even know this existed for a reason....

Chris D (ca) wrote: This is a film about the importance of wit in the court of Louis XVI, having wit either made you rich and without it or if you were ridiculed you would die by it. In this film you have the best of everything, directed by Patrice Le Conte, and the best actors in Jean Rochefort (who can do more with a twitch of his face than most American actors use in body language in a lifetime of acting, and the gorgeous Fanny Ardent amongst others, a wonderful storyline, good camera work this is work of art. It is not a film though for persons who require action and excitement, more for those who require cerebral and visual pleasure.

Vikram T (ru) wrote: where is rajiv rai these day.. i miss his movies :[ all his movies are great before pyar ishq aur mahobaat...

Tristan F (jp) wrote: Not the greatest movie, but its got gregory peck...

Sal C (de) wrote: Cut a half hour and this would be a great movie.

Wari R (fr) wrote: The Amittyville house isnt even seen from the outside...A producer that greenlights a film like this, and a distribution team that puts this out, is pretty much stealing your money. As long as crap like this is being canned and sold on the shelf then your going to have people bootlegging films on the net. See this rediculous shit for free by downloading at your own peril. You wanna steal our money, then we have a right to steal yours. STOP approving amatuer films for mainstream marketing!!!! It's insulting and rude