The Man in Grey

The Man in Grey

Melodrama about two girls whose fortunes run on very different paths.

After a brutish, hedonistic Marquis marries a pretty young Clarissa to act as a 'brood sow,' he begins an affair with her friend who plots to take her place. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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KissaHime (us) wrote: I enjoyed the storyline for this film. However, I wasn't very fond of the disordered order of the couples' relationship journey. For me, it made it hard to follow along and hard to piece which parts came before or after each other. None the less, still a good movie.

Amjad S (jp) wrote: yes i want 2 watch it

Rick Q (mx) wrote: while it may not be the most original story, and it tends to be quite predictable, 'inventing the abbotts" makes up for where it lacks with fine performances from joaquin phoenix, billy cruddup, jennifer connelly, liv tyler and especially kathy baker.

Remi Z (us) wrote: Pas dsagrable. Pas agrable non plus. Pour les fans de Ferrara par ses dbuts, uniquement. Seul intrt : peut tre vu avec Slne dans les bras sans en altrer la pitre qualit.

Leslie W (ru) wrote: not a bad movie, yes the cops were bullies, but it doesn't make it right what rambo did but it is understanding, the cops wouldn't leave him alone. His survivalist ways are interesting and at some moments the film is thematic and thrilling. It is somewhat better than the book. And America is given a new hero and icon.

David W (br) wrote: We are the Men in Black!

Ngc K (mx) wrote: Rorschach is sure to save many of the shaky plots for this movie