The Man Next Door

The Man Next Door

When two neighbours clash, their argument becomes less about proposed building alterations and more about the wider battle between class and social status. The hugely impressive building in question is the only example of a Le Corbusier residential home in all of Latin America, adding to the poignancy of their argument. Winner of six Argentinean Academy Awards in 2010, including Best Film.

A small incident over two neighbors common wall sparks a conflict which affects the intimacy of the view over the chimney; the protagonist sparks a conflict and with paranoiac obsession destroys everyday life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Palesa N (au) wrote: It was ok, typical chick flick but a gr8 date movie nonetheless. Enjoyed it!

David U (kr) wrote: I can't remember my intelligence ever being insulted by a movie to quite this extent. Given the premise, I was expecting something at least slightly akin to Altered States, but instead I got a phoned-in TV movie which worsened with each passing minute.

Jim H (br) wrote: For the first forty-five minutes of this film, I liked it better when it was called Derailed. At least that had Clive Owen in it. The second forty-five minutes did little to further develop the characters, and there weren't any compelling suspense/action sequence that adequately held my attention. Throughout, the film had a few chuckle-worthy moments that made me wonder whether the filmmakers wanted to make a thriller or a comedy. Either way, it failed to engage, and I think it would've benefited from a decision to move the story in one of those directions.

Charles P (fr) wrote: Poltergeist III is appallingly directed, clumsily acted, illogically plotted, inconsistent, devoid of scares, and featuring helpless characters who repetitively call out each other's' names.

Manon M (de) wrote: Some real old-fashioned stuff. You cann tell me what you want but Tarantula surely has style :-) Awesome B-Movie.

Gregory S (mx) wrote: In my opinion, one of the best comic book movies ever

Ryan H (es) wrote: From the script to the acting to the charm of Will Smith in his prime. This movie has it all. A classic within the sci-fi genre. A must watch!

Sean B (ca) wrote: Second hour less interesting and scary than the first hour. lot of visual influence from early silent era French film and late 60's psychadelic satanism. More weird than good.

John B (ca) wrote: Not the greatest sequel in these enjoyable Herbie series as the storyline is lacking and far fetched, but, still fun to watch with the family