The Man on the Shore

The Man on the Shore

Haiti during papa Doc's reign: not a fun place!

Haiti during papa Doc's reign: not a fun place! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cosmo S (au) wrote: Sharon Stone proves that she is a talentless has-been who can't act. This movie should end her career.

Joshua D (ag) wrote: my favorite veggie tales' movie...or at least one of them...

Lari T (fr) wrote: First of all I'm not a wrestling fan and this was about a few DNA-altered wrestlers - How frigging cool yeah - and the bad baggage DNA altering brings. That's beside the point though 'cause this doesn't feature wrestling, just really horrible wannabe cool computer effects, b-class action and a clich ridden story.Made me laugh at times though, but only in places where it shouldn't have. (Mostly during the "deep" drama bits.) And what's with the Black Mask's Mask? It's like a plastic Zorro face cover from 99-cent store.I guess the only reason I endured through the whole 102 minutes was to be able to write this stupid review and warn others from doing the same mistake I did. Now how pathetic is that?

Maggie L (it) wrote: First Chaplin film I've watched and he looks like a real woman...

bill s (us) wrote: Uneven thriller/horror that shock in parts but bore in most.

Mr H (gb) wrote: Very enjoyable, well written and well acted. I also liked the close-up style of the cinematography (if that's what one calls it).