The Man Under the Table

The Man Under the Table

The microcosmic world of a street market on the outskirts of Zagreb: traders, thieves, prostitutes, self-appointed security guards and other lost souls, each with their own unique ideas, passion or mania. We follow the tragicomic, mutually intertwined mini dramas of each character, as they fight to save the marketplace itself, when city planners threaten to raze it to the ground and replace it with a skyscraper.

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The Man Under the Table torrent reviews

Micha K (br) wrote: Spoko film, fajnie oddany klimat tamtych czasw - ciesz? si?, ?e autorzy i aktorzy ud?wign?li ten przekaz, ale oceniaj?c wy??cznie z perspektywy filmowej to ca?o?? jako? straszliwie dupy nie urywa.

Silvestre S (nl) wrote: This is a type a film that is so bad its sort of good making its decent plot clear and understandable it doesn't give us enough emotion and adventure to make us enjoy the film but it was enjoyable even though the CGI effects were horrible and it isn't a film worth watching in theaters but something to watch during in the family night dinner on a Thursday.

Greg N (ca) wrote: It's kinda slow but it's great that instead of playing stupid time gimmicks they play the whole movie straight so it never once has any sort of tension relief.

kan T (mx) wrote: guzel basladi.ama sonlarda iyice bayd.gereksiz aciklamalara girerek uzamis film."kapi komsum"u hatirlatti bana ilk etapta.ama sonunu onun gibi becerememis.yinede izledigime sevindim

Wayne H (jp) wrote: What a strange, but predictable movie. Lots of pretty to look at, but not much substance. Good bad movie feature. I thought it was a David DeCoteau film as I was watching. It seemed much in his style, just more female nudity.

O S (kr) wrote: Stupid but nice,The zombies looks good.

Eric H (br) wrote: The film has been described as a romantic comedy, although it does not follow the normal format of the standard Hollywood rom-com. A better description would probably be a coming-of-age story, set against a well-realised background of small- town life. In a traditional romantic comedy the main focus of interest would be Jojo finding the love of her life; here the focus is on all three characters learning lessons about life.Basically, it's about three girls discovering what their standards for love are going to be. This is not exactly an original theme, but "Mystic Pizza" adds enough original touches to keep it interesting.

Amber S (nl) wrote: I saw this movie 14yrs ago! It made me as a young women want to be a strong adult women and fight for my feelings! I then I could only find this movie in my home town, now it is non existant. It still inspires me! Were can I find it?

Gary S (gb) wrote: Very sad and emotional film. More needs to be done about this illness as it's not recognised as much as it should be.

Jason C (us) wrote: Once the central character's true loyalties are revealed rather than inferred this undercover terror thriller loses much of its punch and suspense. However, this remains a robust attempt to take a look at the religious roots of the issue while sprinkling in some 24esque chase action. Cheadle is central to the film's success and Guy Pearce provides able support. And yes, the story was written by *that* Steve Martin...

Timothy N (de) wrote: I like Ben Stiller more in these types of movies than I do in his comedies.