The Man Who Bottled Clouds

The Man Who Bottled Clouds

Musical documentary chronicling the life and work of the composer, lawyer, politician, and creator of copyright laws protecting Brazilian artists, Humberto Teixeira. Also known as "The ...

Musical documentary chronicling the life and work of the composer, lawyer, politician, and creator of copyright laws protecting Brazilian artists, Humberto Teixeira. Also known as "The ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Man Who Bottled Clouds torrent reviews

Andy G (it) wrote: wrong turn 6 is bad installment in series.

Stephen S (au) wrote: Delightful over-the-top comedy

Glenn I (ru) wrote: Great movie, sure they could have gotten a better cast but pretty good performances throughout they still got the message across.

Rita B (nl) wrote: Gave me goosebumps, I don't understand what people's problem with it is! It's Paranormal that's boring, not this!

Sierra P (ru) wrote: You think it's going to be creative, but it does exactly what you hoped it wouldn't.

Ibrahim S (ca) wrote: unbiased and factual. can be viewed positive or negative. by liberals and conservatives alike.

Tiago P (fr) wrote: Muito bom filme... Ponto + = Atuao de Ziyi Zhang e o diretor foi fiel aos personagens. Ponto - = As cenas poderiam fluir melhor....o fundo histrico poderia ser melhor trabalhado.

Chloe C (es) wrote: unfortunately, the end lacked panache... the leading actress was the only convincing talent in there...

Gregory P (gb) wrote: 4 1/2 STAR HORROR FLICK. very rarely do i feel this way about anything in the genre...i have my favorites, the rest suck. i would have given it 5 STARS, but Sisto's acting should have been caught and corrected.this movie is more than a simple horror film. it's a social message and should be heeded.that said....great soundtrack. hilarious at times (namely thanks to Anna Faris's portrayal of a dumb lipstick lesbian trying SUPER hard to hookup with May), and mainly, Angela Bettis's spot-on performance throughout the movie. you really feel what it's like to be a person like her. i could go on about personal angst and social anxiety and the hatred we feel towards the people who look down on us for having a scar in the wrong place or a lisp or a limp or whatever is wrong with you........but that would be unnecessary, because that's not what THIS movie is's about getting back at them for it. plain and simple. it's about snapping and getting's another version of Carrie and Frankenstein and Psycho...but it also makes you understand why things like Columbine's about being systematically tortured and weirded out on every single day from preschool's about trying to stay out of the line of sight, yet being singled out for these very's about wanting the perfect's about one girl getting fed up with her dolls and pretty much everybody else......saying, NO MORE! i'll just keep the best bits......(minus the supernatural elements...LOL)

Jakers S (fr) wrote: now, that's some great canadian film! i was very impressed. great actors.

Tom B (kr) wrote: Three guys grow up in Mafia run Brooklyn. With a solid cast and a good story this under the radar movie was very entertaining.

Freeman M (kr) wrote: An all-star cast is deprived of an all-star script.

Austin S (mx) wrote: It's so absurd at times, but I think Randy Quaid, Janeane Garofalo and Rob Reiner are irresistible in this movie. They make an otherwise hokey story entertaining.

Claire B (ag) wrote: The perfect comedy to watch if ya need a bit of cheering up.

Ricardo C (fr) wrote: uma pena como que este filme no mais conhecido dado o estilo e a quantidade de efeitos especiais artesanais. A histria tem os seus altos e baixos, mas a apario surpreendente de David Cronenberg e as mais de 30 criaturas todas com prteses artesanais e com recorrncia quase nula aos efeitos gerados por computador mostram a dedicao dos responsveis pelo filme, talvez se tivesse sido feito alguns anos antes poderia ento ter o seu merecido crdito.

Michelle N (ag) wrote: #1 in my book! the movie and patsy cline

Jen R (br) wrote: Such a good watch!! Love the music and dancer number. All around feel good movie!!

Alex P (au) wrote: I'm a Woodley fan , simple stories written and told well is what gives meaning. This story is very simple but well orchestrated and if you didn't see it when it came out, now is the time.