The Man Who Had His Hair Cut Short

The Man Who Had His Hair Cut Short

A teacher moves after he falls for a student only to run into her at his new job.

A schoolteacher (Miereveld or "field of ants") is entranced by one of his students (Fran). Not being able to have his love fulfilled he tries to escape it and moves house and job. Working ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Man Who Had His Hair Cut Short torrent reviews

Sophia M (de) wrote: Amazing family movie really recommend

Movie K (es) wrote: Good fighting at the end part. Collin Chou & Yu Xing are Vietnamese, discussing a drug deal with Ben Lam. Ray Lui is dancing with Caucasian girls and a guy steps in. He go back to his seat and throw a wine bottle to his head. Donnie Yen lead cops to raid the club. Louis Koo says he is the culprit. Donnie slap him and use submission move on him. He is facing panel complaint for his numerous beating of accuse. Ben isn't happy the shipment took so long and find Ray trouble. Collin and Yu easily beat them all up. Louis is actually undercover and with Donnie. Kent Cheng is their superior, tell Donnie he is transfer to band. Collin meet the gang boss who want them to stop their nonsense troubles. Ray call and threaten to kill his wife and child if he dare to interfere. The boss agreed reluctantly. Louis ask Fan Bingbing to celebrate his birthday. Yu is about to kill Ben while he is in a car with his family. Louis inform the police arrive and Ben is lucky. Ben want to testify against Ray gang. Kent intend to strike when Ray is celebrating his mother's birthday. They bring back the gang boss for questioning. Collin know something is amiss and they left by different car. Collin, Yu and Louis go back to warehouse to collect their money. Ray and his mum are caught. Collin take Louis phone and call Donnie. Louis quickly jump out but Collin knock him down hill. Ray plead not guilty and adjourn. 3 months passed, Louis is better. Collin bring back his mother out of old folks home. Yu killed Ben. Collin make a time bomb and shaft into a baked honey chicken, delivery to Louis home when everyone is having a party. The delivery guy can't get signal for the detonator and the battery fall. He slot in again and climb to the top. Kent want to heat up the chicken and he is killed. Fan is injured. The 3 gang boss are killed on court day. Donnie quickly assemble a team to protect the only witness left Louis in hospital. Fan tell him she's pregnant. The thugs dress as cleaners. In the lift, Yu and Donnie fight. Collin caught Fan. Donnie chase Yu and the latter use a small girl as hostage and throw her to the ground. Donnie is furious and beat Yu badly. Donnie know Louis will not testify against Ray. He is release immediately. Donnie beat Ray and ask Collin where to meet. He shoot Ray ear when Collin shoot at Louis. The duo escape and they rest chase Donnie. Louis drop Fan and return to help Donnie. He bang Ray and Donnie shot him. He chase Collin to the hideout and fight. Collin is quite his match at first. Then Donnie use MMA style and defeat him.

Cameron J (kr) wrote: This time, they took out the colon between "Lara Craft" and "Tomb Raider", like Tomb Raider is the name she married into, so it's only natural that the colon now leads into talk of a cradle. "Well, rock the cradle of life!" Man, that poster has got Angie Jolie, looking hot in a silver cat suit, with the title in huge, bold, golden letters, which makes this look more like the sequel to "Monty Python's The Meaning of Life", and it doesn't help that the movie is kind of hilarious in its British silliness. Well, this film did get better reviews than its actual predecessor, although that just means that people disliked it, rather than flat-out panned it, so, either way, one can understand why so many people were turned off by this film. That's right, people, even though the reviews were relatively better, instead of making a whopping $274,703,340, it only made a mere... $156,505,388. Well, I guess Angelina Jolie in a silver cat suit in front of big, bold letters still sells quite a bit, as shocking as that might be. It helps that this film is pretty entertaining, whether it be better than its predecessor or not, although that means that this film has stuff to turn people off, as well. Man, this movie is unsurprisingly corny, and although the tone is arguably not quite as confused as it was in the predecessor, that just means that there's a little more balance in cheese within the fluffy humor and over-the-top action and storytelling, all backed by trite dialogue and, last, but no least, an overwrought style. The overt fluff would be easier to get past if it was mildly original, but as things stand, what freshness there may have been in the predecessor is all but cleansed in this stereotypical action-adventure popcorn piece which hits trope after trope, formulaic set and dialogue piece after formulaic set and dialogue piece, and character type after character type. Nevertheless, viewers stand to be more familiarized with this conventional story and its basic characters, for the film glosses over exposition and jars between its segments as it progresses through a narrative of broad, but disjointed scope, and yet, the final product still finds time to bloat itself with fat around the edges and aimless meanderings in order to achieve an unreasonable runtime of almost two hours. This film is fun, but it doesn't quite have much as much of the momentum which saved the predecessor, and is sometimes bland, so I suppose you could say that even the entertainment value that can make or break a film like this goes a bit superficialized. More than anything, the story is superficial, and ridiculous, having a little more dimension than the predecessor's story, with less convolution, but still no real resonance amidst the often lazily inconsequential, thematically overblown plotting whose shortcomings are further stressed by missteps. The film makes a lot of problematic moves, in concept and in execution, and even though entertainment value never truly abates, patience is limited by a lack of substance, and challenged by cheese, conventions and a disjointed, limply dragged out structure. The film's superiority to an already seriously underwhelming predecessor is pretty debatable, but, make no mistake, just as a fun factor saved said predecessor, it saves this film, which doesn't have much substance or consistency, yet has plenty of flare. Graeme Revell composed a lively, but superficial and often near-painstakingly overstylized score for the predecessor, and here, even though Alan Silvestri does nothing new and gets a little overblown himself, his musical style which encompasses electronic rhythms and a few elements of neo-classicism is a little more realized in its being both lively by its own right, and complimentary to the liveliness of the film overall. The visuals of the film further keep things colorful, for David Tattersall's clean cinematography does a fine job of capturing a certain majesty to sweeping settings that in turn capture the scope of this adventure opus, and are further distinguished by Silver Cheung's, John Fenner's, John C. Hill's and Paul Kirby's often unique art direction. The practical technical touches are pretty solid, as are the digital touches, which have become rather dated, sometimes cheesily so, but are conceptually nifty enough to hold your attention, especially with a flashiness that is at its most captivating during tightly choreographed and extensively staged action sequences that is itself greatly complimentary of the fluffy entertainment. Popcorny something fierce, this film thrives on fluff, and that's seriously superficial, but it is sort of justified by the aforementioned solid style, as well as some colorful highlights in conventional humor, and a solid fun factor on paper. The story might not be quite as superficial or convoluted as that of the predecessor, but I'm not entirely sure that it lives up to the last non-plot's liveliness, and yet, this is still a grandly adventurous narrative that is interesting to unravel, especially when told with plenty of color by Jan de Bont, whose direction packs in enough style and fast pacing to keep an excessive runtime of almost two hours running about as smoothly as it can, what with all of the other storytelling hiccups. At the very least, there's a charm to de Bont's efforts, and they are outweighed by the charm found all throughout the cast (Always nice when Djimon Hounsou shows up), from which the beautiful Angelina Jolie stands out, yet again, with a strong charisma that makes the casting choice and, of course, the lead pretty worthy. Again, I don't know if the film is quite as fun as its mindless, but entertaining predecessor, but it is still pretty fun by its own right, with enough style, scope and momentum to hold your attention, even if it asks nothing from and does plenty to challenge your investment. When the cradle falls, the final product falls pretty firmly into underwhelmingness, under the weight of cheese, genericism, disjointed pacing and an almost blandly overlong runtime, all behind a hopelessly superficial story, but on the back of lively score work, clean cinematography, grand settings and art direction, decent visual effects, dynamic action, and a certain fun factor in the story that is brought to life by well-paced direction and charismatic performances, "Lard Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life" stands as a very entertaining, if utterly inconsequential action-adventure popcorn piece. 2.5/5 - Fair

paul o (de) wrote: It was good but not as good as repulsion. The acting and cinematography were great but the film's pacing with its lack of story depth left me somewhat empty at the end.

tyler b (de) wrote: Pretty funny seeing Brando as an asian.

Robert S (mx) wrote: Great movie. Gene Kelly films are hillarious

David L (ag) wrote: With absolutely terrific animation, memorable and very well developed characters, greatly established relationships between each and every one of them, stupendously well executed action sequences and some great tunes with Son of Man being so catchy and a lot of fun, Tarzan is such an underrated Disney film that is one of my favorites from the studio, a film that is rushed in pacing and with a typical villain, but is simultaneously emotional, dramatic, romantic and adventurous and well crafted on almost every level. It was a great film to end the Disney Renaissance.