The Man Who Lived Again

The Man Who Lived Again

Dr. Laurience, a brilliant but unstable scientist experimenting with transferring minds, becomes vengeful when his magnate patron withdraws his support. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sara M (us) wrote: This is cute. Reminds me of myself with animals.

Vincent L (ca) wrote: Fun and realistic sequal to the 2010 hit "Love in a Puff"

FoxxPix P (br) wrote: Better than Skyfall.

Jayvee B (gb) wrote: nope!! I hate it, sorry...

Kris W (mx) wrote: "Beyond the age of innocence... into the age of awareness" A detached TV news cameraman (Jackie Brown's Robert Forster) and a warmhearted Appalachian woman (Verna Bloom, the hot older woman in Animal House)are engulfed in a wave of fear and violence during Chicago's 1968 Democratic National Convention, in a style where the lines between a documentary and a fictional film become blurred. Peter Boyle has 1 scene as a gun range operator. John Cassellis: Jesus I love to shoot film.

roger t (ag) wrote: recommended by jimbotender....

The Critic (nl) wrote: Whilst by no means the intense insight it promises to be, Lee Tamahori's film about Latif Yahia (Dominic Cooper), an army lieutenant who is given the unenviable role as Uday Hussein's (also Cooper) body double, is consistently captivating, at least from a voyeuristic point of view. The film never really feels like Latif's story, serving more as a depiction of Uday's wicked nature, and there are some missed opportunities regarding Uday's relationship with his immediate family, though his devotion to his mother Sajida (Frida Cauchi) is hinted at. Despite its shortfalls, the performances are strong across the board (including Ludivine Sagnier and an unrecognisable Philip Quast as Saddam Hussein), and 'The Devil's Double' proves to be a worthwhile exercise into the ramifications of money, power, and excess.