The Man Who Shook the Hand of Vicente Fernandez

The Man Who Shook the Hand of Vicente Fernandez

Rex is an old man who is bitter about never becoming famous and having lived a life without any meaning. After suffering a stroke, he ends up in a nursing home staffed by Latin American immigrants. Put off by the situation, he focuses his energy on getting out, which places him at odds with the Latino workers. However, their relationship takes on new meaning when it is discovered that he once shook hands with Vicente Fernandez, a Mexican singer, producer and actor idolized throughout Latin culture. The employees soon begin to treat Rex like the celebrity he's always dreamed of being.

The film tells a story of an old man whose trouble is about never becoming well-known and is tired of boring life. After suffering a stroke, he ends up in a nursing home where he has a chance to make his dream come true. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Man Who Shook the Hand of Vicente Fernandez torrent reviews

Bravo A (kr) wrote: I watched this on dvd it was amazing

Tommy H (ca) wrote: Much better than it deserves to be because of the excellent death scenes. It's the kind of movie that encourages you to laugh with it instead of laughing at it.

Nasu N (fr) wrote: I've read the book before and the movie does a decent job into adapting the book. This film is a good teenager love story that manages to give off enough enjoyable parts that will make you laugh, and it has enough heart to touch you. The film also manages to bring in very important themes that adolescents can take away from.

Roshan P (fr) wrote: Nicely done...could have been slightly more slicker...but still, nicely done...

Darice G (fr) wrote: The over the top idiocy of the decisions the people make ruins any chance of this real world type of tragedy worth watching.

Lesley N (de) wrote: Mexican romantic comedy about two quiet lonely boring people who decide to date to fill the void. Horribly realistic and pretty entertaining too ... if you've ever been on a date for any other reason than actually liking the person, you'll empathize with the awkwardness of having absolutely nothing to talk about.

Georgiana A (ca) wrote: Loved it, beautiful film.

Bill B (it) wrote: The wife and I finally got around to checking out this animated film, whcih had always eluded me up to this point, and I have to say that for a roto-scoped version of something like the director's previous effort Slacker, I didn't mind it at all. Now, having said that, it never fully sold me that same way that Slacker did, and I found some of the tangents a bit off the wall and less interesting than others, but it's still a very interesting experiment and worth a look.Rental!

Garrett C (br) wrote: Weird Al's only feature film so far is a super fun and frequently dark cult comedy that's completely entertaining. It's a film that couldn't be made in the modern era, and that's the only disappointing thing about it.

Doug C (ca) wrote: A good suspense noir with Audrey Totter as a femme fatale who cheats on her weak husband played by Richard Baseheart. First Baseheart adopts a false identity and plans to kill her lover, then as he is about to go through with it he changes his mind but the lover turns up dead and he is blamed for the crime anyway.

Stella D (kr) wrote: one of the odder dietrich/sternberg collaborations, this one juxtaposes the decadent high life against comfortable domesticity. i personally take issue with the choice she made haha. includes the famous gorilla suit number and cary grant

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The Man Who Shook the Hand of Vicente Fernandez torrent

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