The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

A senator, who became famous for killing a notorious outlaw, returns for the funeral of an old friend and tells the truth about his deed.

Questions arise when Senator Stoddard, who became famous for killing a notorious outlaw, attends the funeral of a local man named Tom Doniphon in a small Western town. The truth about his deed will be revealed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt C (au) wrote: The football and the wonder that is Bobby Robson are the only things to take away from this film because frankly the filmmakers had no input into that part. Their contribution is just mindless, yobbish and ideal fodder for your average Loaded reader. Crash bang wallop! Rule Britannia nonsense.

Scott F (ca) wrote: I quite enjoyed this quiet little film until the ending left me hanging. I guess we can surmise what happened . . . but a "tiger or the lady" ending isn't what this film should have had.

Winona T (ru) wrote: I saw West 32nd at the SFIAAFF last night and found the story to be disturbingly believable.

Deadly V (mx) wrote: A nice korean romantic drama.

Ken F (us) wrote: One of my favorite movies!!!

ben t (jp) wrote: One of my favorite martial arts films

Jacob C (es) wrote: Had some awesome action sequences but everything between the action was dull.

Joshua L (it) wrote: A Fun movie with just some fucked up shit!

Phil H (au) wrote: Back when Dennis Leary wasn't really well known (to me at least) he made quite the intimidating bad guy in this semi decent thriller. Since then he became much bigger and for me this menacing image faded somewhat. He was no longer some random psycho but a famous face on a comedy sitcom.Other cast members include the once big time thing Emilio Estevez, Cuba Gooding Jr who seems to fade in and out of the limelight, Stephen Dorff who also tends to have a roller coaster career and Jeremy Piven who is one of these actors I dunno what genre he belongs in, but he can't do any.The film is simply about a group of regular guys that get lost when they stray off the highway in their RV. They end up witnessing a murder and having the killers on their tales trying to whack them.Simple yet effective, or it can be, and this just about does the trick. Its a bit weird though frankly, the area they get lost in seems to be an almost deserted ghost town with not a living sole on the streets or any cars what so ever. You'd be forgiven for thinking they have strolled into some kind of alternative dimension and the film is a fantasy of sorts.The film is tense in spots but not really that worrying, you know nothing will happen to most of these guys and obviously all the bad guys will bite the dust. The film looks pretty good though, very dark, bleak, heavy shadows, empty abandoned looking buildings everywhere and plenty of trash blowing in the wind. Its just really odd that the good guys are completely unable to get themselves out of this nasty area haha all they gotta do is follow a main road surely.I suppose you could call it artistic license huh the lifeless streets and area. Hopkins certainly does a good job on the visuals and manages to make a reasonable thriller despite casting Gooding in a lead role. A nice sensible turn on 'The Warriors' if you like but its quite tame now and the ending for Leary's character is weak.

Jennifer T (it) wrote: Enjoyed this movie. OMG it's Mufasa when he was young. Mufasa is the character that James Earl Jones did the voice for in the wonderful movie: The Lion King. Very good looking James Earl Jones in this flick.

Tony P (ag) wrote: I was intrigued to watch a movie I had never heard about but wanted to compare to another Formula One film I saw a couple of years ago, Rush.Here James Garner is the main star (he sadly died a few months ago). Garner was quite a competent driver in his own right.The film shows off lavish cinematography in terms of colour, and speed of the cars. The film stock/cameras used must have been the best available.The film isn't just about fast cars endlessly lapping racing circuits but explores the drivers and their partner's emotions about fear, injury, death and triumph.Similar to the film Rush directed by Ron Howard which exolores the real life rivalry of star drivers Niki Lauda and James Hunt this film explores rivalries albeit in a fictional manner. The film uses teal locations and features good camerawork to show the speed of the cars which even in 1966 reached speeds of 180-200 miles per hour.It would have been interesting to see James Garner and frien and car afficionado Steve McQueen in this film together as rivals.Definitely a film for racing fans only.

Nellie K A (us) wrote: great but I don't which movie is closer to the actual thing.

Dave M (br) wrote: Just not a good film. From its dreary and dreadfully slow begining, to its dragged out and underwhelming ending this film doesn't rush to dissapoint, but it will eventually.

MARS D (it) wrote: An engaging horror anthology film that brings together some of the most daring film directors today; A young woman wanders inside a old, decrepit theatre where a bizarre puppet hosts six acts of the dark, grotesque, and sexually perverse.

Ryley R (jp) wrote: Take your kids to see it, take your grandma to see it, you can even take your dog to see it for the irony, because I have never seen an animated film that nails it so perfectly on every task they must pull off.