The Man with My Face

The Man with My Face

A man discovers that an evil twin has taken over his life.

A man arrives home one night to find that a look- alike has taken over his life completely. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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TamJon S (us) wrote: Really enjoyed this film. One of a (very) small group of horror films that made me jump in a few places. Interesting story line and a great twist at the end that I did not see coming.

Alejandro L (gb) wrote: Esta pelcula espaola es buena, la trama es entretenida para los nios y los adultos, los dibujos son buenos, no como los de USA pero se puede ver.

Melanie S (au) wrote: This films is very interesting and shocking (to viewers who aren't used to the shock genre), it doesn't pull any punches with it's obvious commentary on the horrors of war. Also the personal horror that the main character Lt. Kurokawa experiences from his flashbacks in his daily life after returning from the Second Sino-Japanese War in 1940. He comes back to his wife without arms, legs or the ability to speak. The movie follows his current state and his loyal wifes decisions regarding him and making him comfortable as the "War God" as dubbed by his worshiping village. As the movie continues it reveals more and more about Kurokawa's hideous decisions from his past. Throughout the entire film you are constantly placed in the idea: "If this happened to the person I love what would I do?"

Mohd S (ru) wrote: A bad sequel for me.

Forrest A (kr) wrote: bit like the other one...

Ida K (it) wrote: This is another flick I watched in the middle of the night after having insomnia. It certainly held my interest but they were both too dysfunctional for me! Goes to prove that money does not buy happiness.

Bill B (gb) wrote: While I love the idea of an '80s female rock group being the focal point of the film, them being menaced by a crazy rockabilly murderer with no connection to the original film left me more scratching my head than anything.I'd call it worth a look just because it's available as part of the 3 film set, but I dunno how often you'll return to it for repeated viewings.

Angela W (fr) wrote: Great idea! Great movie to watch when you don't want to worry about plot. Just popped it into the VCR!!

Luc L (us) wrote: An excellent written film.

Branigan P (ru) wrote: This movie has entertainment value, but I hate the direction of the character building. And I hate that they took the story of Moses and distorted it.

Daniel M (br) wrote: Great story with a great cast that entertained me throughout the film. Great ending as well. 4/5