The Mansion

The Mansion


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F B (kr) wrote: Reasonable watchable film but not one I would want to see again

Michael Y (fr) wrote: Portugal's nominated entry into the recent Academy awards which combines a story within the framework of a film crew making a documentary about small village life in Portugal. In fact, for the first 70 minutes of the 147min movie, it does seem as one is watching a behind the scenes making of a documentary (e.g. a film lacking post-editing and the typical narration that is done for most documentaries). However, throughout the first seventy minutes, the focus slowly starts centering on a group/family of contemporary musicians. From this, a story starts developing and expanding and becomes front and center in the remaining 77 minutes. At 147mins, it is definitely slow-paced in many parts. And, as there seems to be a lack of a story in the first 70 mins, the film can be really hard to follow and/or boring to many. It is only in the second half of the film that one can start explaining the somewhat disjointed first half. The director also does a really nice touch with the music, as there is definitely a musical connection to the themes and plot of the movie. Definitely not a film that many American film goers can handle due to the pacing. Furthermore, much of the humor in the film concerns the "making-of" scenes, and this may be more of an inside joke for filmakers, which may fly past most casual viewers.

Juan Diego L (ru) wrote: Una excelente pelcula, muy chistosa, los personajes son agradables, menos uno, menos mal lo manejan bien para que sea mejor. Muy divertida.

Robbie V (de) wrote: Pretty entertaining.

John R (de) wrote: Great Movie, this is proof critics above have their heads up their Bethune. I think this movie tells a great underdog story about the nerd who fights back. Most underdog stories end in conformity, Angus does not. If you yourself were a bully or mean to your peers, this movie will make you glad that an Angus was not in your school, If you were a geek, nerd, or just didn't fit in, you would have wished this kid was sitting at your lunch table. Great Film (for the right audience).

Grayson W (ru) wrote: A pretty fun a memorable slasher. A famous director has 6 actresses try out for a role in a secluded mansion, but someone keeps killing them off.There is some creepy stuff in here, but there is a lot of random stuff that you'd expect to be explained but isn't.

Alexander C (es) wrote: An old Wayne classic, cant remember all of it!

Weul S (gb) wrote: A slow but powerful drama about a mother who must push her only daughter away to give her the life she deserves.

Jeff D (us) wrote: A pointless film. Perhaps the least visual film experience of my life. You can literally close your eyes and not miss one detail of the story.