The Manster

The Manster

A reporter is sent to interview a scientist working in his mountain laboratory.

An American reporter in Japan is sent to interview an eccentric Japanese scientist working on bizarre experiments in his mountain laboratory. When the doctor realizes that the hapless ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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cli o (fr) wrote: ehh. . . . no thanks

Jamie I (ru) wrote: There is no reason not to see this movie. Grandpa (Alan Arkin) is introduced agonizing over the routine chicken dinner. "Again with the fucking chicken." And he steals the show in every scene thereafter. And even a few he's not in. Abigail Breslin, Greg Kinnear, Paul Dano, Toni Collette and Steve Carell are all phenomenal. See this movie.

Jack G (ag) wrote: Even if I'd seen this before The Departed, it'd still just be a good movie, not a great one. It has two strong main characters, and the compelling spine, but not a lot of other character or humor.

Ky K (ag) wrote: A political thriller with some holes in the plot, nonetheless it's entertaining thanks to the talented cast.

Tim S (mx) wrote: To say that I was riveted by The Long Good Friday would be an understatement. I was enthralled with it. Everything about it is perfect, and it was like a thunderbolt out of the blue for me. It's true that I am indeed a fan of gangster movies, but this wasn't so much a gangster film as it was a character study with a gangster wrap-around. The characters felt so real and believable, which sounds silly and cliche'd, of course, but it's true. I've never felt so invested in characters in a gangster film before and wanted them to do well, despite being questionable people at times. The film is edited beautifully with very strong direction, has a great score, as well as an amazing cast (which includes Bob Hoskins in the lead, Helen Mirren as his wife and a small role from a young Pierce Brosnan). Needless to say, it's an amazing piece of work, and one that I look forward to revisiting.

Paul M (ag) wrote: Sorry, this shitty movie is an indication of how people can be so stupid as to like something when it is so in your face badly written and directed. Why not waste the audience's time trying to get us to like the stupid characters. Bad acting in this rag is the fault of the shitty screenplay. Yeah, I've been working in a comic book store for four years but I happen to have a 357 magnum at hand and am a psychotic killer. Well we better have the pimp be shown as a horrible killer too to justify what we really want which is for the "hero" to kill him in a good way so as to still be somewhat sympathetic to the psychos in the audience. I wish I had the time to comment on all the crappy contrivences of this waste of celluloid. It is just one amateur directing moment after another.