The Many Days of 'Day of the Dead' (2003) torrents full movies


The Many Days of 'Day of the Dead'


The Many Days of 'Day of the Dead' is a movies torrent of N/A. The released year of this movie is 2003. There are many actors in this movie torrents, such as Cletus Anderson, David Ball, Lori Cardille, Christine Forrest, Sherman Howard, Greg Nicotero, Joseph Pilato, George A. Romero, Tom Savini. There are many categories, such as Short. This movie was rated by 7.9 in This is really a good movie to watch. The runtime of this movie are awesome, about 39 minutes. FangFap is good uploader, she is very proactive. You should spend more time to watch this movie. If we must use one word to describe about this movies torrent, I think it should be 'Awesome', so what is your thought. Do you know what are users? Maria Ozawa is the best. I don't leave my laptop screen. Share this movies torrent to support us . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

Romero's zombie classic Day of the Dead. Documentary of the making of George A

The Many Days of 'Day of the Dead' torrents

The Many Days of 'Day of the Dead' full movie

The Many Days of 'Day of the Dead'2003 torrent

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Users reviews

bill b (ca)

i always liked the stupidity of this movie :)

Chris C (fr)

And its kind of sad when the only interesting part I have is seeing Amanda Ward's breasts, and the hot native girls. It's a movie that only gets good when it involves the natives

Christophe M (fr)

anmoins, il ne s'agit pas d'un remake qui tourne vide et Hark apporte sa pierre l'difice d'une saga rfrence que j'aime beaucoup !!!. Chiu Man Cheuk colle son perso mais je prfre malgr tout le Fang Gang de Wang Yu (pour moi, il est aussi devant David Chiang). En revanche, l'intrigue est plus confuse et on se retrouve avec tout un tas de personnages plus ou moins utile ainsi que des combats trs (parfois trop) tournoyant. Mais Hark y ajoute une certaine atmosphre qui rend ce film plus sombre avec quasiment aucun second degr (ce qui tait le cas, volontaire ou pas, des deux premiers films) et contrairement aux originaux, Hark retire tout machisme ou homosexualit latente. Remake du clbre One Armed Swordsman incarn par Wang Yu et aussi David Chiang raliss par Chang Cheh, cette version de Tsui Hark reprend les grandes lignes du premier volet avec Yu (le fils adoptif du matre se fait couper le bras, le sabre dcoup de son pre, le livre o il apprend sa nouvelle technique) mais aussi un p'tit lment de la version avec Chiang (aprs son bras coup, le hros se cache et officie comme serveur dans un resto)

David D (mx)

This is a very good drama with excellent thriller qualities. Another very outstanding performance is that of Diamond Dallas Page in the role of the villain, who is really great in the role. Raviv Ullman gives a powerful performance as a troubled teen thrown into a hellish institution by his clueless parents. The acting is really outstanding. The story is very strong and the direction is solid. The story is disturbing and the most disturbing part is that, aside from the ghost, so much of it is a quite realistic depiction of high priced "attitude adjustment" camps that so many kids wind up in because they smoke a little pot or listen to heavy metal music or are gay. You could oversimplify matters by describing it as Devil's Backbone with older boys set in 21st Century Florida instead of Spain in the 1920s. It is a serious film about serious issues but with an overlay and ending of ghostly thriller. Written and directed by the same guy who did the fairly awful 2001 Maniacs, this is very different sort of film

Joey F (ru)

t's a classic; what can I say?. It just kinda transcends its own shortcomings somehow. I never get tired of watching it with my family. There are actually some pretty bad scenes, but damn it if I don't love it to pieces anyway. This movie is by no means perfect

Lewis P (ca)

Preminger was unsuccessful in his demand and Mitchum continued to live up to his reputation as a chivalrous tough guy knight in shining armor. Mitchum turned around and slapped Preminger in the face and asked, "is this the way you want it done?" Mitchum objected to Preminger treating women the way he did and Preminger then stalked off the set, insisting that Mitchum be fired. Muller, after Otto Preminger insisted that Mitchum slap Simmons multiple times during rehearsal, Mr. According to Mr. Finally, despite being miscast in Angel Face, it's comforting to know that Robert Mitchum wasn't such a milquetoast in real life. The fault is not entirely with the actress since the part in itself lends itself to one-note overacting. But there are no surprises here in Jean Simmon's one-note portrayal of the demented socialite. So when it turns out, it's another 'over the cliff with the car' job, the sense of deja vu leads us to exclaim, 'been there, done that!' The problem with the entire femme fatale storyline is that by 1952 it's been done so many times before that the screenwriters needed a new angle to keep the audience's interest. We know that Diana is going to bump off Frank since he rejects her but we don't know exactly how. The ending of Angel Face is disappointing as we see it coming from the get go. Since Frank lied to the police about his knowledge of Diana's state of mind, he too must be punished. Since this is 1952, during the height of the Hollywood 'decency' code, a murderer must get his/her just desserts (and Diana's seeming remorse is not enough to save her!) . That's probably because we've become tired of Diana's histrionics and since she remains in the background during the trial, the "B" players take over and provide us with a refreshing change of pace. With the help of an excellent Leon Ames as Diana's slick attorney and some good cross-cutting cinematography, the courtroom drama doesn't seems as 'talky' as all the stuff prior to the midpoint. Ironically, the courtroom scene is finally a welcome relief after all the prior stodgy, dialogue-laden scenes before the murder. After all, the whole idea is to finish off the stepmother so she can have her father all for herself. I also had a hard time believing that Diana wouldn't account for her father's whereabouts before she fixes the car so it'll drive in reverse. What's more, Frank recognizes that Diana is obsessed and correctly predicts that she intends to murder her stepmother--this propels him to tell Diana that's he's leaving. In a bit of over dramatic foreshadowing, Preminger has Diana watch as she flips a cigarette box over the cliff shortly before the murder . While the manner in which Diana kills her parents is certainly quite cinematic (with the family car dramatically going over the cliff), it's all rather predictable stuff. When Frank finally agrees to take the chauffeur job at the Tremayne's, with the hope that his sports car shop will be bankrolled, the hard-boiled Mitchum seems miscast as a chump who's willing to go against 'his better judgment' in hooking up with nut job Diana. There are just too many repetitious talky scenes where Diana meets with Frank as she tries to ensnare him. Like many of these femme fatale characters, the obsession is usually a 'given' and in this case Diana appears to have a thing for her father which causes her to hate the stepmother (she mainly blames the stepmother for causing Daddy's writer's block). The story soon becomes lethargic and predictable as the focus is mainly on Diana's obsession. Diana's parents and their Japanese servants also prove to be interesting characters but are never developed (the father is a 'famous novelist' who now has writer's block and the stepmother enjoys weekly bridge games). Soon, Diana takes an obsessive interest in Frank and she even tries to ruin his relationship with current girlfriend Mary Wilton by meeting with her for lunch and telling her that she had a date with Frank. The beginning of the film starts off with a bang, as paramedic Frank Jessup (Robert Mitchum) races to the upper-class Tremayne household where he and his partner find that Diana's stepmother, Catherine, has been almost asphyxiated by gas. Critics rightly pointed out that it suffered from a slow-moving narrative and certainly this is true up until the midpoint, when Diana, the film's femme fatale (servicably played by Jean Simmons) murders her father and step-mother. Perhaps we were both watching a different movie because if anything, it's precisely the inefficiency of the storytelling that relegates it to the "B" list of mediocre noirs, despite the "A" list cast! As Muller informs us, when Angel Face was first released, it was not a box office success. But beyond that Muller seems to be most impressed by Director Otto Preminger's "efficiency" in telling his story. Undoubtedly he was swayed by famed New Wave Director Godard placing the film on his top ten list of the sound era, a fact which he happens to mention during the DVD commentary. Muller's gut feelings were subsumed by other factors. Somehow Mr. Paint by the numbers Film Noir*** This review may contain spoilers *** Speaking during the special features DVD commentary, noted film noir 'expert', Eddie Muller, concedes that when he first watched 'Angel Face', he had a nagging feeling "underneath" it all, that this was a film that was "fairly minor and somewhat unexceptional"

Molly R (nl)

This is hilarious and touching. However, my favorite part is a sequence at the end where they interview each main cast member individually with their mothers. This movie has a great cast with awesome chemistry, making an otherwise so so story pretty funny

Scott J (it)

It's a grimy movie, and you wanna throttle Hoffman's character

Scott Simon M (ru)

Stay away from this one

Tim H (es)

Better than part 3 but the series is getting a little lost