The Marconi Bros.

The Marconi Bros.

Two adversarial brothers leave the comfort of the family carpet store to make it big with the King of Long Island Wedding Videos

Two adversarial brothers leave the comfort of the family carpet store to make it big with the King of Long Island Wedding Videos . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Marconi Bros. torrent reviews

Bryan M (jp) wrote: I actually really enjoyed this movie. Acting could have been better, but the story was cool. Just wish it had been executed better.

DC F (de) wrote: More of a documentary with bad acting and worse effects when anything other than talking actually happened. Seemed like an edited SciFi Original and those are almost always cheap and hurried.

Natalie L (es) wrote: Very intense movie,very well acted. Danny, a (played by David Strathairn) Jewish lawyer assigned to represent a Skinhead named Mike (played by Andrew W. Walker) The plot is timely and the acting beyond is superb and realistic, what with what is goig on the world today. MY only criticism of the movie is that this should have been a two person dialogue. The secondary characters didn't do much for the film. I really hope to see more of the talented Andrew W. Walker.

Gimly M (ca) wrote: Better than Snakes on a Train.

Joseph S (ag) wrote: It is bizarre, horrifying, and hard to watch. But it is brilliant and manages to run a wide gamut of human emotions in a very short running time.

Daisy T (it) wrote: i just loved the theme...again sanjay's acting n the way the sory was narrated ie direction overall !!

Jenny K (br) wrote: Love finding childhood movies, haven't seen this in almost ten years:). Dunno where my VHS copy is :(

Ryan W (mx) wrote: hilary duffs best performance as an actress...considering her other ones suck i dont guess it was too hard. but still great movie.

Fascade F (ag) wrote: Beyonce Knowles and Mekhi Pheifer are believable in this classic love story with a hip-hop twist. See this whether you are a hip hop & R&b fan or not...It is a rare treat.

Jen T (ru) wrote: A lot of this film's credit is owed to the wonderful, wonderful book. And one rarely sees so many great actors in one film - simply natural and effortless. Although Mirren and Hopkins' spelling out everything could've been replaced with more character development (eg Lenny), most of the scenes are nicely done. The ending is most maturely handled - not one bit over-sentimental or uncomfortable. And the final shot, the gliding towards the invisible hands of the oblivious wind... beautiful and profound.

joe F (mx) wrote: Avatar is a great and unbreakable film. This is So Brilliant! Me and My dad in the cinema. He's gonna love this too.

Jonathan S (ca) wrote: As far as these ridiculous camp movies of the 90s went, it could have been a lot worse.

Wesley J (es) wrote: This is a seemingly forgotten movie that needs attention. This is pure fun right here people. Romantic comedies don't get much more funny and charming than this. Who needs Pretty Woman when you've got this?

Gimly M (it) wrote: A great horror movie was made in the 70's, then a sequel came out, and it was terrible. Everyone was very surprised because things like that don't happen.

Jason H (nl) wrote: Well the performances weren't bad but the movie wasn't that great. It wasn't horrible but it just didnt keep my interest. It builds up on something for the whole 2 hours just to leave it mostly unresolved...I don't could have been better.

JJ J (it) wrote: ??? This movie was stupid. A classic mish mash of emotions and sexual innuendos.

Carlos O (de) wrote: ??????1/2A pesar de las crticas, ha sido una de mis favoritas de toda la saga.La banda sonora hace de esta pelcula, algo demasiado entretenido y pico de ver.Estoy listo para el captulo final.

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Geoffrey S (es) wrote: I just watched this again on cable. At this point I've lost count of how many times I've seen it, which is fine - because this movie is amazing every time.The alien in the living room is dramatic every time. The realization that the hand of fate is reaching in to work it's magic is highly satisfying every time. The score is excellent. The acting is on point.If you lose yourself in a fuss over the religious matter surrounding Graham's character, well that's just your loss. In the context of this movie, it works masterfully.

Nate J (nl) wrote: This is a truly inspiring and beautiful movie. As with most Disney films, it opens with a heartbreaking story, one which genuinely made me wonder whether I should keep watching. But I'm glad I did, as this movie was stunning. The plot is rich and admirable and the general appearance of the movie is great. There are some lovely touches throughout and at the end, you walk away thinking about the message to the movie.