The Marquise of O

The Marquise of O

A German Marquise has to deal with a pregnancy she cannot explain and an infatuated Russian Count.

A German Marquise has to deal with a pregnancy she cannot explain and an infatuated Russian Count. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anna P (nl) wrote: Enjoyable movie. Not too cheesy and a good ending too.Seemed to be a good chemistry between the two main guys. Rudd's awkward moments were amusing.Watch it at least for the uniqueness of it, that it is a film about male friendship.

Toni S (mx) wrote: Looks like Dustin Hoffman couldn't pass up the opportunity of spending a few weeks in London playing across the wonderful Emma Thompson. Wouldn't have been out of place as a 1940s romcom.

Jason S (ca) wrote: Not a lot has changed since we last saw our "kids" but we do get to see most of them happy and mostly content with life.I'm amazed at a few of the people on here that have come out of their shells and pushed past the quiet folks they once were.We get one back as well. IT was good to see this one pop up again because out of the ones I didn't really like at the beginning he has grown into a nice guy who had more going for him than we may have thought.We are still missing two guys though and I wish they could have stuck it out.It's a fascinating look into what people go through as life marches on past them. One of the gentlemen says that he doesn't think the film series achieves anything past a carnal voyeuristic look into some other persons life. That may be true in some people but I think one of the things that can be taken away from this whole thing is that we aren't in control of our lives. That good and bad will happen and we just have to keep going with the knowledge that life goes on. The future is unwritten...

Lisa Michelle A (gb) wrote: This sounded like a good film and the trailer looked good too, but it really wasn't at all. It had a semi-decent cast but just wasn't as good as i thought it would be.

Raven D (ru) wrote: What a mess of a movie.Naomi Watts and Isabelle Huppert are tight as hell.Their bodies I mean.

Luke S (es) wrote: lol yet again i aint cn it but i heard its a wicked film

Ki Hyuk Y (mx) wrote: At the end of the first viewing, I deeply think about facial expressions and vocal intonation in a film. And I am morally obligated to see again.( As you know, a sense of moral obligation is a unavoidable attached to such a film.) Seeing it several times, I found that the film's intricate cross-references gradually become apparent and expanded. Shoah is a work that transfixes you, and at last with infinite solicitude scars you. There are moments in this film when you simply cannot bear to look at another human being. You must experience it alone. You learn the meaning of the word "Inconsolable" through this film. Even though it is nearly one month after I saw this films last time (it would be 4 or 5 times to see this film), I still remember one survivor's account of a secret trip to Warsaw on the eve of the ghetto uprising: "We suddenly emerged into a street in broad daylight, stunned to find ourselves among normal people. We'd come from another planet". I'm horrified that that planet is ours.

Alex M (ru) wrote: Enjoyed this immensely. I've only seen Truffaut's work in "Fahrenheit 451" which I love, and this was highly engrossing. It gave a great account of how a movie is made which looks at all the different roles of production, and the inevitable drama that comes with the job. I did not realize the director Ferrand was ALSO Truffaut himself! I was taken by surprise...cuz i remember thinking how great a director he was, he knew how to speak with the actors, knew the details of arranging a shot and such. I don't know much about Truffaut but i would almost guess this is semi-autobiographical about his experiences from his extensive filmography. I gathered that Ferrand(and Truffaut) was ideally an actor's director, in that he really worked with them and knew how to cope through their problems to still achieve great performances, as seen in this. The director of the film Ferrand seemed less masterful at story writing, and I wonder if Truffaut saw himself the same way. The cast was great: Apart from Truffaut playing "the director" expertly, I really enjoyed Jacqueline Bisset, Nathalie Baye and Jean-Pierre Leaud! They all had great roles. I loved the opening shot, showing the several takes in a given scene, and the way how detail-oritented the director was, really opened my eyes. I didn't realize they were so focused on every little element in the frame but maybe it was an exaggeration? just loved the sequence thoughAnd the snowy murderous scene was really beautiful too...somethin bout it. I liked all the little filmmaking montages spread throughout too, very authentic. Modern movies about filmmaking don't seem as raw and real, seems like movies about movies are always so polished and have to seem something its not , and often hide the little itty gritty parts or just overdramatize it to the point where it becomes a caricature. This film had it just right. I will definitely see to it that I own this.

Ari L (it) wrote: Not without its flaws but still one of my favourite films from my childhood :)