The Marriage Chronicles

The Marriage Chronicles

Three couples trying to spice up their marriages go on a retreat run by a sexy psychologist and her handsome husband at a tranquil Malibu estate. Encouraged to share their most innermost feelings, the fun begins when secrets are revealed and hearts are challenged. How far will each couple go to save their marriage? (

Three married couples are in desperate need of some advice. Good thing sexy marriage counselor Dr. Jailen Masters (Jazsmin Lewis) has all the answers. During a three day retreat at her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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NuZee S (de) wrote: HILARIOUS!!!! so funny... it great for the whole family!!!!rajpal and paresh made a really funny duo... and shahid is as cute as ever!!!

Lisa D (gb) wrote: The worst acting, directing, and cinematography ever seen in a movie. The story made no sense, the characters were unlikable, and there was no real storyline. Stay away!

Jeffrey N (it) wrote: Having been a huge Jeff Garlin fan for years, especially after seeing him on Curb Your Enthusiasm, I was surprised to see this little self-written and self-directed nugget from him and a similar band of improv's best in Sarah Silverman, Amy Sedaris, Richard Kind, Dan Castellaneta and quite possibly my favorite overall entertainer, Bonnie Hunt. The premise of the movie is real and precious. Knowing that he wrote this and the fact that his character's acting background seems very similar to his own acting background, I can't help but think this was rooted at some real-life feelings and experiences. It's an adorable, sometimes sad, view of love later in life. The ending was a bit sudden and took me off guard, but it was precious nonetheless.

Zola K (gb) wrote: i think it could be cool

Christina S (us) wrote: Theirry Lhermitte does an amazing job in this film. I've watched it over and over and never get tired of it.

Greg S (ca) wrote: A rich old man (Fernando Rey) courts 18-year old Conchita (who, with no explanation, is played by two different actresses) over the years, but she seems to be toying with him, and he never achieves the object of his desire. In Bunuel's previous THE DISCREET CHARM OF THE BOURGEOISIE (1972) the attendees at a dinner party could never eat because of continual interruptions; in this droll comedy, Rey can never... you know.

Matthew C (fr) wrote: Third movie in the series, as well as my third favorite movie in the series. Being a huge Milla fan I am probably biased, however her performance kept this one alive. Ashanti on the other hand...well, her performance is "for the birds." 3.5 stars for Milla delivering exactly what I was looking for.