The Marriage-Go-Round

The Marriage-Go-Round

An anthropology professor and his professor wife have the perfect marriage--until a Swedish colleague's daughter comes to visit. Not only is the little girl all grown up, but she's ready to start a family--with him!

A Swedish woman wants her American host to father her baby. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason L (es) wrote: it was great Believe it

Tim E (fr) wrote: Is it a terrific film? No, but I don't think it deserves all the hate from these critics. It's a pretty decent adaptation of the John Grisham book, and for all the critics' hate about messages of consumerism and conformity, it's also got a lot of heart and sincerity, with Tim Allen's character transforming from a Scrooge to a charitable human being.

Alexander C (de) wrote: Would like to get round to seeing!

Rob L (ru) wrote: A compelling early role for Ryan Gosling that draws comparison with American History X and Romper Stomper in featuring a skinhead fascist underworld but depicts things in subtler shades than those movies. The lead is certainly compelling - an insistent, contradictory performance and equally as memorable a one as some of his later, more famous roles.That said, preposterousness is never far from the surface and it doesn't always ring true that Gosling can be so in touch with his Jewish background while clearly hating it. A cabal of educated fascists does provide a different, more sinister twist than the usual cliched portraits of suedeheads in DMs and Billy Zane is suitably suave - I'd give it 4 stars because it is terrifically watchable and really gets you thinking but it perhaps tries too hard to be ambiguous.

Timm S (ag) wrote: Incredibly gripping story, which is all the more amazing considering it actually happened.

Loreno R (au) wrote: A classic.Gun fights were over the top and gorgeous, glorious bullet-fire ballets and explosions fill the screen in this "gun fu" classic. From start to finish, you'll love it.

Tim S (mx) wrote: It has some genuinely funny moments but it feels a bit stale overall.

Demonic D (it) wrote: haha another it's so bloody cheesy it's great


Fuad H (ag) wrote: It may not be a masterpiece by Pacino - but yet its a very strong performance by him, especially in a comic roll (sort of).

Stuart K (fr) wrote: After the success of The Fly (1958), 20th Century Fox immediately ordered a sequel to go into production. Unlike the first film, this one was in black and white, and done cheaper. But, there's something more effective, and Vincent Price is his usual self, as he was in a lot of other films out around this time. It begins with Phillipe Delambre (Brett Halsey), the son of Andre Delambre, the man whose head was replaced with that of a housefly, wants to carry on his father's legacy and scientific research. However, Phillipe's uncle Francois (Price) is against all this, fearing more tragedy will occur, but Phillipe convinces Francois otherwise. Phillipe hires assistant Alan Hines (David Frankham), who turns out to be an industrial spy called Ronald Holmes, who is also working for a shady man in the Montreal underworld known as Max Barthold (Dan Seymour). However, while 'Alan' is stealing secrets, things go awry when 'Alan' kills a policeman, ends up getting him spliced with a rat, and then Phillipe discovers what's happened and then gets trapped in the teleportation pod, with a fly... Guess what happens next... It's a good film, and despite the fact this one was done cheaper, but it feels more intimate and too the point. It has good performances too, and Price is always good value to a film, and he was in a league of his own. A sequel followed in 1965, then the remake. :P

Michelle L (fr) wrote: Hmmm.. mind thrilling. It is a bit draggy, but well.. average type of movie. It looks more like some budget show

Pam D (mx) wrote: Real and funny and endearing. I cared about almost everybody.