The Married Virgin

The Married Virgin

In order to save her wealthy father from disgrace and a possible prison sentence, a daughter agrees to marry the gigolo who's been blackmailing him...

An already engaged young woman is blackmailed into marrying a count in order to save her father from imprisonment. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Married Virgin torrent reviews

Leticia K (gb) wrote: The whole world should see this movie. Inspiring...

Rory M (ca) wrote: I will not rewatch this film......enough said.......Its just one of those films you can't rewatch. There were some funny parts. It had its moments. I think one of best parts is simply just watch them swear . It is fascinating .

Dorianator F (br) wrote: Very annoying lady that the movie focuses on. The points about the poor being hurt were very well-made. But the focus was all put on that annoying lady. Ugh

Luke T (fr) wrote: I can honestly say, this is the most hilarious home made zombie film in history (When I say hilarious, I mean laughing AT it, not with it at the poor attempt of comedy).It seems to me that all the actors were recruited at the same bar, they filmed it using their mums video camera (Yanoe, the sorta thing to film shitty wedding videos).But in all honesty, I would recommend atleast putting the film on for a good 10minutes, if not just to laugh at the God AWFUL acting, the cheap effects, crappy soundtrack and to watch the opening scene. Because that scene is hilarious, honestly.

Brian B (es) wrote: Funny but not as good as the first.

Kristy P (us) wrote: A moving story with a phenomenal performance by Jimmy Smits. A must see for anyone who has ever enjoyed a boxing movie.

Shikhar B (ca) wrote: saw it first time few days back.R.I.P RIVER PHOENIX. Such a gifted young actor he was.

Will L (us) wrote: Well-acted, but ultimately flimsy, John Carpenter's 'Prince of Darkness' is one of the horror master's lesser efforts. It's just kind of a weak plot, and it's the first time Carpenter's trademarks felt more like a checklist, rather than a signature style. It does have some cool ideas and decent performances, though.

Ashley H (us) wrote: Boxcar Bertha is a watchable film. It is a good piece of cinema. It is about a union leader and a young woman who became criminals to get revenge on the railroad management. Barbara Hershey and David Carradine give good performances. The script is okay. Martin Scorsese did an acceptable job directing this movie. I liked it but it is not one of my favorites.

Robbie R (br) wrote: Hercules Unchained (Ercole e la regina di Lidia) is a superb offering from Pietro Francisci and his Italian filmed myths. What stands out immediately are the colors and art direction by Mario Bava. His rich, distinctive style is a sight to behold. He would later go on to produce rather famous Italian horror. Steve Reeves is a terrific Hercules in this tale based on several of the Greek classical myths, of course, combined, altered and rewritten for the screen. Serbian born Italian Sylva Koscina as Iole has gifted on screen presence. Her tenderness is only matched by her beauty. There's lots of fun character actors as well added to the mix, including a playful version of Ulysses and heavyweight champion Primo Carnera as Anteo, the giant. Sylvia Lopez as Queen Onfale, of Lidia is terrific in every scene she's in. Tragically, she passed away while working on another film the same year. Watching her here, she looks as healthy as a human has a right to be. Hard to believe she was suffering from leukemia at the time of shooting. The music score is almost as luscious as femme fatales in this epic. Enzo Masetti offers up a full bounty of a musical themed moments, particularly the love theme, used earlier from the first film of the Hercules series. As in most of these Italian productions, the voices are dubbed. But the quality and choice of voices is really rather good, each matching quite well the role of the character. Fans of old radio drama such as X minus One, Suspense, Dimension X, etc. will immediately recognize many of the familiar voices heard. All in all this is a great diversion from the fast cutting, violent, in your face films that now take precedence in our lives (if we let them). Watch this hidden classic with your date, your parents or your children and do so with ease and joy, the way films were meant to be seen. Or, if you are of a different predisposition, like others who might have difficulty remaining still for 5 minutes, you might want to stay away from this kind of film, or really anything made before you were born. Rent something more 'hip' or 'edgy' or whatever. Perhaps SAW XCIIV, Hostel XII or some other charming sadistic fare again and again and hang out with those who see life in similar hues as your own. That way you're sure never to be disappointed or accused of the Herculean feat of seeing things other than how you are supposed to.

Brett W (ag) wrote: Ruthless (A.K.A The b-grade Citizen Kane) tells the melodramatic tale of a sweet little boy who grows up to become a heartless caricature of a businessman. Why? Because both his parents were also caricatures. His mother a cold-hearted hose beast and his father a gambling/womanizing fiend. What's the source of Horace's cutthroat attitude toward everyone in his life? Well, um, apparently he's possessed by the patron devil of capitalism, or something. Instead of constructing a slow and tragic descent into self-absorption, the way that Charles Foster Kane was portrayed, Ruthless takes the lazy route and simply wants us believe that Horace was a bad apple from the start. That as a child he made some kind of secret pact with the devil to destroy and leave behind all he holds dear as he climbs his way up the corporate ladder. Since Horace Vendig is essentially a wholly unsympathetic human being, who's story are we meant to relate to? Those he left behind? Martha, the love of his life? Nope, she's merely a side note in one of his many flashbacks. Vic? Mmm, nope. His character isn't developed enough for him to function as anything but a moral roadblock to Horace's ruthlessness. At the beginning of the film we're shown that Horace is throwing a soiree to announce his creation of a "peace foundation" in which he hopes to make right the many injustices he has perpetrated. To compensate in some small way for his life of greed, but this never develops. We never see a point of remorse, and we never get any indication that maybe this is yet another veiled play at humanity for his own personal success' sake. It's just an excuse to get everyone he screwed over into one room. No remorse, no moral, no redemption. Nothing. He gets strangled and drowns after he attempts to (yet again) steal Vic's girlfriend. There's a line in the film that says as much, but one gets the sense that Horace isn't so much a character as he is a disaster, a force of nature, a "way of life". This is a survival film in which the supporting cast attempts to outrun the soul-sucking black hole that is Horace "Woody" Vendig.

Johnny R (ca) wrote: Definitely a good story loved how it continues from the past 2 and leads on to 4 effects from that era still aren't terrible lover most of the sequence scenes definitely makes for a good watch and fits good for the franchise

Dave J (it) wrote: Thursday, August 1, 2013 (2005) In Her Shoes COMEDY DRAMA Rose Feller (Toni Colletti) is the unattractive one while her sister Maggie Feller(Cameron Diaz) is the good looking one. A very good 'ugly duckling' type of storyline based on a novel written by Jennifer Weiner. I really liked the genuine scenes than the comedic parts. 3 out of 4 stars

Robbie N (it) wrote: All of the characters are exciting and energetic in this movie, where an interesting contrast of main characters and antagonists make it feel unique. Kids will love the silly storyline, but the humor isn't always aimed at them. Monsters vs Aliens is a great movie and a question that is asked by many kids nowadays.