The Marrying Man

The Marrying Man

Charley Pearl, wealthy heir and gadabout, is slated to marry Adele, the daughter of a Hollywood tycoon. But, during a wild bachelor party in Las Vegas, Charley strikes up a flirtation with nightclub crooner Vicki Anderson that soon leads to her bedroom. When the couple are discovered by Vicki's beau, infamous gangster Bugsy Siegel, he makes a surprising pronouncement -- they'd better marry, or Charley is a dead man.

Rich playboy Charley Pearl meets Vicki Anderson, singer at a nightclub in Las Vegas. But she's a gangster's-moll, Bugsy Siegel's, and when he finds the two of them in bed, he forces them to... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David A (fr) wrote: A begrudging 3 stars for Arizona Sky. I am not sure if it was simply Eric Dean's bad acting or just a lousy overly dramatic script but I think this little 90 minutes film could have been so much better. I am giving this the benefit of the doubt because I have no idea what it could be like to grow up in an extremely small town (even though I was raised in the country), and be uncertain of yourself and uncertain of your best friend and to carry those scars of longing as well as the shyness and naivety of youth all the way 15 years into adulthood and still act basically the same. I suppose it is possible but come on, forJake to basically stand there emotionless while his childhood best friend literally laid all his guts out time and again and to remain so totally emotionless was just too much for me to bear. Still, a decent performance from Jayme McCabe as Kyle and Patricia Place as his aunt balance this out to where it was watchable. The director Jeff London really needs to loosen up and let the actors act. I think he just tried to hard to make the adult characters seem like the same people as they were when kids.

Mike S (es) wrote: Great concert footage set up by fun Scorsese conceit, which whether real or exaggerated, makes for a fun lead-in and finish.

Carlos M (au) wrote: If Van Sant's intention was to depict Kurt Cobain's last days as tedious and devoid of meaning as possible, he surely achieved what he wanted, but his biggest presumption was to believe that the viewers would fall for this insufferably boring, self-indulgent joke.

Mark E (de) wrote: A slow start is then replaced by a very busy Mish mash of characters and pace. Pleasant but nowhere near an essential view.

Ines R (kr) wrote: Simply one of my all-time-favourite-movie. There's just something about this film that makes me watch it everytime without even doubt it; Nat Wood... well i love her because of all of what she represents, and in this film, she comes as a comedian and right away goes as the queen of drama, love the changes her character goes through and with how humanity she faces them; on her opposite part there is McQueen, who is just the perfect match for her, through the entire film you can see the way these two can be together so good. Really really really film.