The Marsupials: The Howling III

The Marsupials: The Howling III

A strange race of human-like marsupials appear suddenly in Australia, and a sociologist who studies these creatures falls in love with a female one. Is this a dangerous combination?

A strange race of human-like marsupials appear suddenly in Australia, and a sociologist who studies these creatures falls in love with a female one. Is this a dangerous combination? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ignacio A (kr) wrote: A great story about a family which comes together thanks to their old lighthouse. A journey of reform in the later as well as in their own thoughts and spirits leads the movie to a loving ending.

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JohnnyLee T (fr) wrote: The Pain Of Writing - A Comedy.

John C (ca) wrote: Hands down, best Chuck Norris flick. Soundtrack is incredible.

Darren H (de) wrote: Good film. Lots of old faces in it.

Tony B (es) wrote: Despite the overuse of P.O.V. horror films,i cant understand why this movie didn't receive a huge viewing among the monster loving community.The use of actual Jerusalem in its settings,the cultural background and the mixture of countrymen seemed to make all the other pov films(generically set in the same American city) look vanilla.The cast was solid,it was great to not see 40 yr old actors trying to play 23.CGI plays a minor role,makeup effects made the monster scenes more gritty and only gripe is the "mental institution" scenes-it seemed pointless and overplayed.But the film had a great ending with a striking visual.One im talking about with friends,and hoping that the Paz brothers will produce similar works in the future.

BC C (au) wrote: I really like heist type movies. This one is good.

Michael R (it) wrote: The new cast injects some life and freshness into many of the characters we've seen so many times, and Oscar Issac does an admirable job at playing an omnipotent villain. McAvoy and Fassbender continue to feel comfortable in their respective characters, but unfortunately Lawrence sleepwalks her way through this film and it shows. Here's hoping the next adventure she can step it up or just step away.