The Mask of Love

The Mask of Love

A mystery novelist who moves in with her boyfriend, only to discover that there’s a locked door she’s forbidden to open…

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Nancy C (it) wrote: A coming of age story, yes even if you're 30, ahem 29...actually any age you must move forward, or the world will move without you. A strange little movie that in the end, makes a statement about change and changing yourself and having that time of life where you are lost and find your true self.Kristen Bell does a good job, and the supporting characters are well chosen, overall decent but slow.

Ted W (mx) wrote: This one is better than the first because they brought in new characters in avengers like black panther and ant man and ant mans wife. Ok but not as good as the non animated avengers.

Dustin N (it) wrote: I didn't know how I felt about this at 1st, but I really love this movie. It grew on me.

deep d (nl) wrote: A recent find--a very funny film about a rich woman and her 2 maids who become involved in the filming of a soap opera on the woman's estate. If you enjoy Almodovar, you might like this light, entertaining tale.

Luke C (us) wrote: Before watching Dark Blue I had my reservations that it was going to be quite generic, un-original and very run of the mill but I was very surprised when I was gripped, captivated and very entertained and satisfied with what I got.Dark Blue follows various cops torn between right and wrong on a case of a quadruple murder. As simplistic as that sounds, there are various twists and turns along the way; some surprising and unexpected and others blandly predictable.The casting for this movie was great. It was very good to see Kurt Russell in a film seen as his appearances run years between. Along with Kurt Russell is Ving Rhames, Scott Speedman & Brendan Gleeson. Kurt Russell is on GREAT form as the morally corrupted cop, Scott Speedman brought a good performance as the young cop unsure of his corrupt colleagues.Along with the great cast, the story is great as previously mentioned and as plain, boring and un-original as it sounds it really is quite unpredictable and entertaining. Think Narc but less dark but more entertaining.The film runs around the two hour mark which sounds like overkill for a cop film, but actually it fits quite well although some parts were in there for the sake of time filling and could have easily been left out and it wouldn't have taken away from the film's greatness. Although, the film wouldn't be nearly as good without Kurt Russell. He brings the charisma, the entertainment and the controversy. By controversy, I mean that his character is morally corrupt and often acts outside the law but paints a picture so it was self defence for example.Overall, there isn't much more to say about Dark Blue that hasn't already been mentioned. There are great performances, a better than average story with a few good twists and a good running time. Dark Blue is well worth your time if you like these kinds of dark police drama films.

Sage H (de) wrote: One of my all time favorite Clint movies, Space Cowboys shows how you can relive your dreams and how to make ultimate sacrifices in life and putting yourself in danger. It's thrilling, funny, exciting and absolutely a blast to see the four main perfectly cast actors together sharing the screen in such an excellent run time. Everything felt right and was right about this film and everyone does such a phenomenal job that you don't want the movie to end.

Mike A (kr) wrote: Powerful character-driven piece that I caught by accident on Showtime years ago. Little known, but really really good.

Daniel K (de) wrote: 3: I feel like one has to have seen Le beau Serge in order for this to be as effective. It also helps if one has a familiarity with the Nouvelle Vague. The performances are top notch and the conclusion is powerful, but like most New Wave films I've seen lately it didn't inspire me. It's like I've move on since I was so enamored of these kinds of films back in college. It's still an interesting morality tale and perhaps most importantly seems to ring quite true. I'm not a huge Chabrol fan by any stretch, but he is definitely a filmmaker any cineaste should be at least passingly familiar with. Naturally, this is the kind of picture that could lead to a rich cafe-based discussion after seeing it.

Nik B (it) wrote: Forbidden love. Not the first time we've seen the story of an American serviceman falling in love with an indigenous native from the land where he's servicing. And this one has its merits. We learn some subtleties of the Japanese way of life following a pair of Air Forcers as they date some actresses. We also see plenty of culture within five or six theatrical performances within the movie. They are beautiful and the art direction deserved the Oscar. Also good are the also-Oscar awarded supporting roles of Red Buttons and Miyoshi Umeki. Their relationship is the catalyst that springs the interracial love plot line. While that pair gets married at the onset of the film, superior officer Brando starts the film by being the voice of the miltary brass. The voice that forbids this fraternization. The point is made that while marriage is not "forbidden", the effort by the military is clear- to make life as difficlt as possible to anyone who wants to mix the races. The problem is a mixture of script and Brando. Brando's character goes from being a by-the-books pilot. The son of a four-star general. Engaged to another general's daughter. He speaks the praises of living up to the expectations of others. He values responsibility. And then, he sees one Japanese girl and its all over. He changes immediately by shunning orders and the wishes of his superiors to go see this girl. The girl too, without reason, goes from "American bombs killed my family" to "I saw you kiss my friend gently- I must love you now." in one a passionate scene. I could forgive this to see a passionate Brando screaming at the shameful policies that keep people in love from being together. But he doesn't bring that. Brando makes it seem like this character has no stakes. Even when he's facing miliary prison and losing his love all at once. He buttons up his suit and reads his lines cold. There's no Kowalski here.

Well A (br) wrote: Pois . S vale pela cena inicial; uma das melhores que j vi num filme no gnero. O resto lixo em escala industrial.

Greg W (de) wrote: one of the better entries in a growing sub-genre of films i call sword & sorcercer pix cousin to the sub-genre called sword & sandal pictures.

john h (ca) wrote: One of those totally far fetched and pretty preposterous thrillers that are no less enjoyable for it,this thriller from Harold Becker (CITY HALL,SEA OF LOVE) is one of the best thrillers of the 90's.Well written by Scott Frank and Aaron Sorkin and excellently acted by Alec Baldwin,Nicole Kidman and Bill Pullman,with Kidman and Baldwin's performances being among their best, it's one of those films where you can't really say much about the plot for fear of spoiling it.Needless to say it's gripping,constantly involving stuff.Great cameos too from George C. Scott and Anne Bancroft.

PY C (br) wrote: I like Aubrey Plaza and that's the only reason why I watched this movie... And weren't impressed..