The Master's Touch: Hitchcock's Signature Style

The Master's Touch: Hitchcock's Signature Style

An overview of Alfred Hitchcock's filmmaking style.

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Brad G (de) wrote: The real tragedy of this cheaply animated musical X-Mas cartoon is that they never bothered to give the great William Shatner a tune to croon. Criminal! The rest of the flick is a tad painful for those adult viewers out there, but I??m sure the kiddies and the trekkies in the audience will have some fun. I liked the comet villain LeFreeze and his space snowmen goons. Ridiculous! And there is a wonderful post-credits Shatner sequence that had me chuckling. VF.

Hermione T (gb) wrote: Came across this movie online randomly. I gave it a go and liked it! I don't understand why it is rated so low and receives many negative critics. The story, yes, is kind of cliche, but is cute to me! The only thing that bothers me is that Michela's character is too much of a chav.

Grant H (it) wrote: Bad movie. While Jackson's real-life story is actually really inspiring, its depiction on screen is too formulaic and dull to really recommend, also featuring weak performances, Bryant and Jackson delivering two good ones.

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John T (fr) wrote: Good performances by John Cusack, Charlie Sheen and D.B. Sweeney at the start of their careers who portray three of the eight 1919 Chicago White Sox players who were paid off by gamblers to throw that year's World Series when their owner, Charles Comiskey, refused to hand over their promised bonus checks. The story was well told and fast paced despite spending a great deal of time developing the main actors' backstory. The director spent great care in recreating the atmosphere of the time, from the choice of music, clothing, automobiles and the selection of Studs Terkel, who is from another era anyway. to play the sportswriter Hugh Fullerton. The final sequence, in which Buck Weaver, portrayed by John Cusack, observes "Shoeless" Joe Jackson many years later playing minor league ball under an assumed name is one of the most notable in any baseball film. My one criticism is that the film glosses over the details of the players' trial which should have been the most interesting part of the story. Also, the re-enactments of Comiskey Park were not very authentic.

Mark K (nl) wrote: Saw this when I was like fourteen or thirteen. A very good movie you're looking for an old style 70's horror, gothic cliched romance type of movie.

Troy F (es) wrote: I went into Vice Squad expecting a glorified exploitation film of crime, objectified nudity, and just about the same sort of dirty tropes of the genre. While it may have the feel of something like The Exterminator, the film seems fairly honest and doesn't attempt to necessarily expose or glorify anything and exposes whatever is necessary. The film deals with a police unit with a usual tough job of handling crime on the heavily prostituted and crime ridden streets of 80's Los Angeles, and does it well. After a mother prostitute loses a close friend to a psycho named Ramrod, she is used by the police to lure him in and bust him. Unfortunately, Ramrod busts away from the police and is now after the woman. What the film deals with is the idea that the prostitution underworld is dirty, yet filled with women who are simply making a needed living. When the business involves dealing with strangers, you're also putting your life at risk each time you hop into a car with a male. Who do you trust to be a fair customer or a sadistic psycho? It's that lesson that's expressed in all the trouble that the pimps and prostitutes deal with in the film, and despite the police's efforts to stop this crime, a very line is uttered at the end of the film to the cop: "I don't know why you keep doing it. You're never going to change the streets." That's crime in general. Sometimes there's problems that will escalate and not go away so easily, sometimes made worse with police interfering, but someone's gotta try, don't they? The police do their job because if no one tries to control crime, crime would spread, and they have to do what they can. Vice Squad may still feel a bit sleazy, and disturbing, but it's not a trashy film, the actors are okay and and the intent of the film is made apparent and well. It's still pretty low-brow, but it deserves more credit than it deserves. It's hardly as relevant now perhaps in its time period, so one must watch this now for its intent and to place themselves in the 80's if you are to make this worth your time.

Al M (kr) wrote: Bad special effects, a tepid plot, and mediocre acting do not keep Lake Placid from being a thoroughly entertaining B-level horror movie.

Jesse K (ru) wrote: It feels great to see a small, independent movie that's so compelling and refreshing. I feel like this would make a fine little cult classic if it gains the recognition it deserves.

Hannah G (nl) wrote: Absolutely blew me away. Fantastic performances by Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader along with a heart wrenching plot.

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