The Matrix Reloaded Revisited

The Matrix Reloaded Revisited

The Matrix Reloaded Revisited is the fourth disc in the Ultimate Matrix Collection. It contains nineteen documentaries concentrating on the development of the various action scenes in the second chapter of the trilogy, as well as the live-action scenes shot for the console game Enter the Matrix. It does not include the bonus material from the orginal DVD release.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:The Matrix Reloaded Revisited 2004 full movies, The Matrix Reloaded Revisited torrents movie
  • Category:General
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:MongDu
  • Country:USA
  • Director:Josh Oreck
  • Writer:N/A

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The Matrix Reloaded Revisited torrent reviews

Navid R (ag) wrote: Really wanted to like this but it was flat as a pancake. The lead actress lacks charisma, the situations are absurd and the pacing is slack

Brianna M (gb) wrote: The ending...WHAT?! It left you saying WHAT?!

Perrine B (es) wrote: Fear lives in the dark.Detroit, un matin comme les autres, Luke se lve et se prpare aller travailler. Une fois dans la rue, il ralise que la ville est dserte : des vhicules sont abandonns un peu partout, et des vtements gisent comme si leurs occupants s'taient volatiliss. En recherchant des survivants, il trouve un bar perdu aliment par un groupe lectrogne. Cet endroit sera le point de ralliement d'autres gens dans le mme cas que lui. La menace vient de l'obscurit, qui est de plus en plus prsente. Comment maintenir la lumire quand les ressources pour l'lectricit diminuent vue d'il ?Sortie en DVD sans passer par la case cinma dans notre pays pour cette srie b amricaine. On est clairement face un film petit budget, qui mise tout sur le huis-clos enfermant les quelques survivants au milieu des ombres rampantes prtes les engloutir. Le dbut est flippant comme il faut, le milieu un peu moins crdible (qu'est-ce que c'est que cette histoire de CROATAN jamais vraiment explique, et pourquoi ne pas mettre le feu aux btiments jusqu' arriver o ils veulent ?), et la fin heu... plutt tire par les cheveux. Le jeu d'acteur n'est pas vraiment au top non plus, on dirait qu'ils taient presss et n'avaient pas le temps de rejouer certaines scnes (Thandie Newton sonne spcialement faux). Bon, on ne s'attend pas du grand cinma, donc on reste indulgent et on peut quand mme passer une petite soire stressante devant sa tl.

Jens S (br) wrote: Rodriguez' part of the Grindhouse feature is clearly set in his well known crazy universe, with many of his usual cast suspects returning. The movie takes the used look of the B-film rolls somewhat too far, even has an intentional missing reel at the most inconvenient time and quite a lot of color mishaps. It also sets out to reach new records of disgusting scenes, breaking taboos by the minute: children shooting themselves in the head, (disturbingly hot) sex with one legged women, goo shooting from infection wounds and melting penises. That's almost a little much to stomach, but always countered with a similar kind of humor already used in his "From Dusk Till Dawn". But especially compared to that movie "Planet Terror" can't entirely live up to, neither to the more amusing "Death Proof". Still, there is plenty of fun to have with this film as well: It's nice to see Michael Biehn and Jeff Fahey again, there are some great lines and fun moves (especially by the wonderful Rose McGowan). I can't really say I would blame people who find this too disgusting or silly, though. Not for everyone, but the fans get what they demand.

Einar J (es) wrote: crap and doublecraptotally waste of time

Bryon v (es) wrote: Basically, this movie was CRASH...only much less interesting, and with no real point to make.

Matt L (ag) wrote: If you're a fan of the first movie, ignore this POS at all costs, and pretend it doesn't exist. The original was a masterpiece that appealed to both kids and a adults. THIS is aimed at kids through a sniper rifle scope, the songs are horrible, the plot is stupid, and has a lot of buildup, and no payoff, simply becoming an insult to ANYONE'S intelligence.

Zachary K (ru) wrote: Timelessly relevant. Weaver gives her best performance next to Ripley in "Aliens". Incredible gorilla FX by Rick Baker. Strong box office for its content: $61 million worldwide. 5 Oscar nominations including Best Actress (Weaver).

Jay W (kr) wrote: Another not so block buster of the Blind Dead Series, this one was cool cause they had a boat and the captured hot chicks and sacrificed them to their Gods!

Nicolas S (nl) wrote: A very entertaining musical, well adapted from a stage play, the mise-en-scene is very good, there are some fantastically coloured sets.

John D (es) wrote: I was hoping it would be a lot funnier.

Rachel P (au) wrote: What a throw back to my childhood. So fun & uplifting.

Chip B (es) wrote: Deeply moving and motivating. I was captured from the initial scene until the finale. Such a simple and yet profound message: that we discover true freedom at the boundaries of our mental and physical capacity.