The Matrix Revolutions Revisited

The Matrix Revolutions Revisited


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:The Matrix Revolutions Revisited 2004 full movies, The Matrix Revolutions Revisited torrents movie
  • Category:General
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  • Uploader:Fakyougo
  • Country:USA
  • Director:Josh Oreck
  • Writer:N/A

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The Matrix Revolutions Revisited torrent reviews

Parker L (mx) wrote: I like very few direct to video movies but this is certainly one i liked. While some of the acting is a little iffy I cant say I didn't enjoy especially in comparison to The Lone Ranger.

Nia E (es) wrote: Really good. I loved the whole Bollywood feel the movie has. Even greater songs, One World being the best.

Cameron C (nl) wrote: bad effort and I loved the show!!

Pierre J (au) wrote: hilarious and crazy.who does that in a church?

Leo L (ru) wrote: An interesting movie! It's great to see an actress like Lewis starring in a highly dramatic movie such as this one. Its also great to see that this film centralizes around a controversial issue that depicts a view of one woman's survival and journey, without undermining a religion that is beautiful and serene of itself. Like all existing religions throughout the world, its just the politics, actions, and belief structures of certain individuals that belittle, cruelly impose, and distort, the original intentions of God's words and message. The structural belief of humanity is tested in the form of law(s), and basic compassion is overlooked in some forms. Layla Alizada, Juliette Lewis, and Brian Markinson stars. Worth seeing!

James W (kr) wrote: I remember from the 90s that this movie was good. I either had no taste in the 90s or my memory is shot. Terrible.

Ennis Brokeback L (es) wrote: This movie finds the brothers in a house of fellow freaks. Just as good as the first film.

Jeremy M (jp) wrote: A solid, if not campy sci fi update of a fantastic voyage.

Allan C (ca) wrote: Still holds up. Love this movie.

Mikko D (mx) wrote: Intensive but entertaining film about corruption. Stuart Rosenberg goes back to prison theme his masterpiece Cool Hand Luke and Brubaker succeeds just fine. Strong characters.

Karen M (ru) wrote: Kirk Douglas was great in this movie! Lauren Bacall was excellent, and Doris Day sounded great as the singer in a band.

Michal P (it) wrote: Such a great movie! Linklater is awesome.

Jeff R (it) wrote: Paul Newman made some great films but I loved him most in this Martin Ritt, 1967 film from an Elmore Leonard story. He plays John Russell, a 'hard bark' raised amongst Apache. (A closing still is the photo of 'Santiago' McKinn a white boy with Geronimo,,(TM)s native Americans amongst whom, he had become assimilated .) One early scene has the taciturn Russell smash a rifle butt in the mouth of Lamar Dean a thug who is abusing an Apache friend and says quietly to Dean (now with a rifle barrel in his gut) "enough 'uh? Before you leave put the money for a mescal on the bar". Over the course of the film Russell adds other qualities to this masculinity becoming truly the ,,~Hombre,,(TM) and, unmistakably, ,,~Ecce Homo,,(TM). In the 50s Ritt had been blacklisted as a communist. Like many from that tradition I think he saw the radical in the story of Christ.

Emily A (jp) wrote: Honestly one of my favorite movies. It's hilarious and completely stupid but it also made me emotional when it was trying to. It's not supposed to be a serious movie and that's what people forget. It's supposed to be kinda stupid and a bit out there but it appeals to the audience they wanted which is their fans. I would recommend to anyone looking for a funny little movie to watch