The McMasters

The McMasters

Set in the immediate post-Civil War era, The McMasters stars Brock Peters as a black Union soldier who finds he must figuratively fight the war all over again. Returning to his southern hometown, Peters quickly learns that nothing has really changed: he is a "free"man in name only. Peters' ex-master Burl Ives magnanimously gives the former slave a plot of land, but only Native-American David Carradine and his tribesmen are willing to work for a black man. The "invasion" of Indians serves to stir up the racial divisiveness even farther, thanks to local rabble-rouser Jack Palance.

When Benjie, a black man who fought in the Civil War, returns to the southern town of Ironside, his return is not exactly a welcome one. The citizens are already uptight about the color of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Giordano D (ru) wrote: Better than the original.

Kimberly W (fr) wrote: a total must-see! loved everything about it. deeply moving piece.

Alex W (ag) wrote: Inge: Now, I am married. I am citizenship. In my heart, I believe.Minister: That??s not enough, Inge, in your heart to believe. It has to be real.Inge: You believes God?I do... :)

Angel D (es) wrote: wana see this movie SHOW ME LOVE

Batesow T (gb) wrote: Classic Jim Carry the best

Auburn M (mx) wrote: A little long and sometimes slow, but this is one of my favorite movies of all time. I'm a huge fan of all things Tudor Dynasty era and this definitely fills my craving when I need a dose of history. A GREAT movie to at least see once.

Wes S (us) wrote: Unfollowable plot with uninteresting characters. The story is a mess and it gets pretty boring. Not much worth remembering.

Andrew L (de) wrote: I'm not a Bond fan, but this film is a great spy film. Both gritty and slick.

David S (ca) wrote: A solid noir that has the classic interrogation frame structure where a suspect recalls to policemen the events that led to his arrest. The film keeps our interest with several twists and turns, including a clever surprise ending. The performances are all strong and the atmosphere is rich, all of which adds up to an excellent example of film noir that has aged very well and seems ahead of its time.

Simon D (it) wrote: Surely an important illustration of the dark side to Fidel Castro's regime in Cuba as this film is about how artists and homosexuals were treated, in particular Reinaldo Arenas, of whom this is a biopic. This had one major drawback for me, the film contains several sections of dialogue in unsubtitled Spanish. I don't speak Spanish so these parts were lost on me and I'm sure many others.

Tom G (nl) wrote: This movie has a conventional plot of recent graduate angst. The characters are not well developed and those beyond the main character are more caricatures than anything else. The movie does have an interesting beginning but it just suddenly ends with a contrived resolution

Eliabeth D (br) wrote: One of my favorite childhood movies! A princess captured (and tied down...) by an evil wizard while Sinbad embarks on an epic journey, traveling the seven seas to save her life. Foriegn lands, sword fights, test of mind, temptations, and seduction... Besides I had a HUGE crush on the princess.

Daniel C (fr) wrote: An excellent hilarious film about four troubled teens going to a holiday to Malia, having fun to themselves, drinking booze, dancing, meeting ladies and most likely trying to get laid with hilarious results. Just pure funny entertainment this movie is.

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