The Mean Season

The Mean Season

Malcolm Anderson is a reporter for a Miami newspaper. He's had enough of reporting the local murders and so promises his school teacher girlfriend (Christine), they'll move away soon. Before Malcolm can hand in his notice, the murderer from his latest article phones him. The murderer tells Malcolm that he's going to kill again. The phone calls and murders continue, soon Malcolm finds that he's not just reporting the story, he is the story

Malcolm Anderson is a reporter for a Miami newspaper. He's had enough of reporting the local murders and so promises his school teacher girlfriend (Christine), they'll move away soon. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrea B (ca) wrote: The movie itself is not so bad. The first half displays a quite original plot and, despite some silly jumpscares, makes you wander what's behind Mary's (Watts) horrific, paranormal experiences. However, everything goes wrong with the second part, when a major plot twist degenerates the movie into much more than a reference to Stanley Kubric.

Chris G (ag) wrote: Watch this- it isn't the crap found footage rubbish it seems although you won't believe me til the very end. One word: Lovecraft.

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Mark B (ru) wrote: I thought this was okay. Sarah hated it. I still find it weird that Vinnie Jones is a movie star & Jason Statham's Scottish accent is hilarious.

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JJ J (de) wrote: Weirdly confused entertainment

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Jey A (gb) wrote: HMM, I wonder how this ends...? >_>'

Akramul i (kr) wrote: A precise, thrilling experience like a predecessor to Argo.

Wes M (nl) wrote: Fantastic. So much heart and soul was put into this samurai film, that I was caught off guard haha. Fair warning, there's barely any action in this one. Instead, LOTS of flashbacks, character development, and sorrow. A great dive into 17th century Japan's political system and ideals. Can't wait for Miike's remake!

Bob W (jp) wrote: Perhaps the best adaptation of Phillip Marlowe in film. Yes it is filled with all the cliches you expect from a private eye film noir, but it has plenty of twists, turns and fine performances. I also liked the hallucinatory scenes!

Jason S (ca) wrote: The covers make it worth watching.

Jeff B (jp) wrote: I think it's funny that people complain that the movie is too bloody and too dark. It was a bloody period during the Dark Ages, get it? History much? The battle itself was a damn bloody battle. That being said, you can't ignore the great talent in this film, a few of my favorite actors: Paul Giamatti (in a role tailored to his natural heavy presence), Brian Cox (ditto) and the Shakespearian Brit James Purefoy. The film generally has an intelligence of script as well as presence and pace that is commendable and enjoyable. Sure, it is a little dark and bloody, but if you came for light and lack of blood, go watch a Pixar film. The only complaint I have is that the ending does drag a bit, but overall well done. No major complaints from this blood thirsty viewer.

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